Bigger Than The School??

NCAA Division 1 Mens Football is an extremely interesting entity, there are countless issues that come to mind when that topic is brought up. The issue today is self explanatory after reading the title of this blog entry, can a coach be bigger than the Univiersity it’s employed at?? NCAA Rules are very strict and are taken to the letter on many accounts when the players are the violators, coaches on the other hand?? There is an extremely large GRAY area as to which they operate, especially when it pertains to major programs. The example I would like to use from the player standpoint is Dez Bryant, Dez visited Deion Sanders home one weekend and got questioned about it. Bryant than lied to the NCAA, got caught and the punishment doled out was Bryant being suspended for the remainder of the season!! THE Ohio State Buckyes had some problems this past season with some of it’s players selling their merchandise and received free tattoos from a nearby parlor , that is against NCAA policy and the 5 players were suspended for the first 5 games of this upcoming season yet they were allowed to play in last year’s Bowl Game. Allegedly Tressel was AWARE of it all from the start, he chose not to alert the Athletic Director, and kept it all to himself. As more information is coming out, it is starting to look even worse for both Tressel and the University. Please keep in mind that the last few sentences were written under the guise of “ALLEGEDLY,” I am in no way indicting Tressel myself I am simply trying to show the difference between players and coaches when it comes to NCAA Violations. To get back to the point, Tressel allegedly got caught withholding information from the NCAA and didn’t truly get punished for it. The longer he remains employed the worse the University looks, so who’s more important…..a University’s reputation or a Football Coach who broke the rules?? What makes that question depressing is that it’s even being asked in the first place, had this been a player this would have long been dealt with!!

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