NBA Conference Finals Thoughts

In both the Eastern and Western Conference Game 1’s there were similar trends, both home teams won. I’m sure many of you would also venture to say that both of the “best” teams won. What I am about to say may both sadden and disappoint you, or it might give you a renewed sense of hope. In both series the deeper teams won Game 1, not the more talented team. Chicago wore down Miami with it’s depth. Dallas did the same thing, Taj Gibson and the rest of the Bulls bench were playing out of their mind. In last nights game between Dallas and OKC, Jason Terry and J.J. Barea combined for 40 points just amongst themselves coming off the bench. There is also something else that may have gone unnoticed or that people might not want to say aloud, both Russell Westbrook and LeBron James became ball stoppers. Russ and Bron are the facilitators for each of their perspective teams, they each have an extremely talented teammate(in Bron’s case 2) that may have had a mismatch. Why I ask, do you not just play a role by getting the teammate with the mismatch the ball until the D starts to double or until it stops working?? Russ has Kevin Durant the 2-time defending scoring champ on his team and Dallas doesn’t have anyone on their active roster that is going to give KD any problems. Instead, Russ tried to get himself going and shot 3 of 15 which had to delight the Mavs because that’s 15 possessions that KD didn’t shoot. In the Heat game, the Heat had the deficit cut to single digits when the 4th quarter began. Chris Bosh had 26 points going into the 4th and only got 2 shot attempts in that quarter, he made them both. For all of the Bull’s defensive genius, they don’t have anybody on their roster that is going to stop Wade from attacking the rim and drawing fouls. YES, before it even starts I know that both Bron and Wade had a bad Game 1. What I’m trying to get at is they still had a chance and this is why the lead grew even more. Bron became a ball stopper, the offense was working in the 1st half when Miami was moving the ball. In the 2nd half the Bulls got Miami to play more isolation type basketball, no one man is going to break down that Bulls defense. LeBron fell for the trap in the 4th by not getting the ball to Bosh who had the hot hand and Wade who had KYLE KORVER defending him with NO HELP!! Russ and Bron are extremely talented players, it’s only 1 game and there’s time for both of their teams to get back into their perspective series. All I’m trying to get across is how they both are suffering from a similar issue, if they were to adjust their games I PROMISE you their team’s offenses would flow much better!!

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