NBA Finals Preview

The Finals Matchup is now set, it will be a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals where Dallas faced Miami. Except this isn’t really a mismatch and both teams are much much different. The Mavs have finally put it all together for the first time in the last decade, this isn’t the same team that has failed in big moments. Dallas has an extremely talented team led by 2 sure fire Hall of Famers in Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki. The additions of Tyson Chandler and Brendan Haywood have definitely been an upgrade over the centers they have had in the past. Dallas is an offensive juggernaut, they space the floor extremely well and with Jason Kidd setting the table EVERYONE eats well. Dirk has had an OUTSTANDING year this year, especially how he has produced in the clutch or down the stretch for his team this postseason. The Dallas bench is very tough as well, JJ Barera and Jason Terry have more than enough fire power with both easily being able to score 20 points. They have also played D well enough during important stretches to get those key stops. Not this year people said, they’re at least a year away, well they’re here now and Miami is just as hungry as Dallas. The Heat had 1 easy series during this postseason, the 76ers couldn’t put up the fight that Boston and Chicago put up. Not only did the Heat beat the former bully’s of the Eastern Conference in Boston, but they scratched and clawed their way through a tough series with the “New Baby Bulls” led by this year’s MVP Derrick Rose. Miami who had the #2 defense in the league, beat the #3 defensive team in the league in Boston and the #1 defensive team in the league in Chicago. Miami’s defense will have their work cut out for them as they are most vulnerable defensively from 3 point territory, Dallas spaces the floor extremely well so closing out on shooters will be a challenge. What we have seen thus far from Miami, is that all 3 members of the “Big 3” are capable of carrying this team for stretches or even through series. The return of Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller starting to regain some of his health have definitely given Miami a much needed lift from their bench. This should be an amazing series, whoever win will definitely have earned this years Championship!! Who do you think will win and why??

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