Draft Grades-Northwest Division

Oklahoma City-Great Combo Guard in Reggie Jackson, could play either guard spot. All-around player could be in the roation if Harden does indeed start next year, either way Jackson is a great addition to this young team. Grade: B+

Denver-Got Kenneth Faried, Jordan Hamilton. True case of addition by subtraction in getting rid of Raymond Felton and handing the reigns over to Ty Lawson. Hamilton is a flat out scorer, you can never have enough of those on the roster. Faried is a blue collar player that will play tough D and rebound the ball, once again you can always find room in your rotation for guys that play hard. Grade: B+

Utah- Ernes Kanter and Alec Burks give the Jazz more young pieces to build around. Pairing Kanter with young Derek Favors will give the Jazz an intimidating post presence for the future. Burks is only a consistent jump shot away from being a complete shooting guard, the kid is a great slasher, and has the ability to be a more than capable defender. Grade: A+

Portland- Selected two guards, Nolan Smith and Jon Diebler. Smith like Kemba Walker is a natural born leader and winner, he should be able to help the team in a 6th man capacity immediately. Diebler will help fill some of the void from loosing Rudy Fernandez as he is a great shooter from 3. Grade: C+

Minnesota- While Derek Williams may not find a spot in the starting line up, there is no questioning this kid’s talent. Talent alone will help the coaches to make time for him in the rotation. Malcom Lee is yet another UCLA combo guard, at 6-6 he can play both backcourt positions. Lee fills a huge need for the Wolves at the 2, great athlete and very good defender make him a great backcourt mate for new point guard Ricky Rubio. Grade: A+

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