Game 4 Recap

What a game, what a game! This has turned out to be a great series, especially since many wanted to crown Miami as soon as we knew they would be playing Dallas in the Finals. So where do we start with this particular game. It seemed to have started just like all the other games, then at a certain point Miami turns up the intensity and takes a nice double-digit lead. Here is the thing, they should know by now same as we as fans know, you can not count the Mavericks out at any time. They find ways to manufacture baskets the same as a baseball team who may be down a few runs. They don’t go straight for the long ball, they get a couple doubles, a couple singles and the next thing you know the game is tied, this is what Dallas has done the last three games. The 4th quarter of every game is where it has been won with the exception of game1. The tables have turned, it seems like Miami is the team whose back is up against the wall when it comes down to the 4th quarter where as before they were the team tormenting everyone they played this post-season, in the 4th quarter. Dallas’ defense has been great late in the game, and they are making the necessary baskets. Although some of their guys are not playing their best, (Barea, Terry, Kidd), they know it’s all business in the 4th. Last night we saw a Dallas team that was a little more hungry then Miami. Lebron James did not play a good game last night, and that didn’t help the cause for Miami. 8pts in four quarters of basketball when playing 45 minutes is unacceptable when you are Lebron James. But in all honesty, they were still in the game without him doing much on offense, but I’m sure if James gave you at least 17 (his average in the series) this would have been a different outcome. The way he played last night was not the same attacking James we’ve seen this whole postseason and I think this is another thing that may have hurt Miami Tuesday night. The play that won Dallas the game though was the one on one match up with Dirk and Haslem. Haslem is a great defender don’t get me wrong, but we saw this same play in game 2 on Bosh, and game 3 on Haslem although he missed that one I’m still taking Dirk nine out of ten times. I just don’t see them beating Dirk every time when it calls for a last shot, or an isolation. Why not double Dirk and make some one else beat you? Well they didn’t, and Dirk took advantage of the match up. Remember, to end game 3 that’s the match up they were given and Dirk missed the last shot, but not on this night. Knowing he wasn’t shooting the ball that well, for him to go to the basket was the right “basketball play”. So now it’s up to “The Big 3” of Miami to tie this game up. Who was the hot man last night, Wade, but due to an almost disastrous turnover the Heat have to put up a shot that they really did not want, so give credit to the pressure of the Mavs defense. Now the series is tied up 2-2 and remember we are still in Dallas. I think whoever wins game 5 will go on to win this series.

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