NBA Draft Grades-Southwest

San Antonio- Gave up George Hill to get much needed youth in Kawhi Leanord, Corey Joseph, Davis Bertans, and Adam Hanga. This is why the Spurs always remain in contention, they know when to make moves. Joseph is beyond underrated and should benefit from learning from Tony Parker before taking the reigns himself. Leanord should be able to contribute right away at the 3 and wouldn’t surprise me if he has the starting gig heading into the playoffs. Grade: A+

Dallas-Took Jordan Hamilton and traded him to the Nuggets, also acquired Rudy Fernandez to bolster that already strong bench. The newly crowned champs traded a prospect for a proven player, great move. Grade: A

New Orleans- Received an incomplete, had no draft picks this year.

Memphis-Josh Selby was one of the best players in the country coming out of high school last year. Selby is an explosive scorer, a legit top 10 talent, he just had a rough freshman year due to injuries and other issues. He is a 6’3 combo guard, although I believe he will challenge Mike Conley for the starting PG spot eventually. Grade: A+

Houston-Marcus Morris and Donatas Montiejunas are two very talented young PF’s, the issue is where they landed. The Rockets have a plethora of forwards on their roster both at the 3 and the 4. It will be hard to get these kids playing time, unless of course they unload some of the guys in front of them and that’s not too likely. Grade: C

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