To Be Or Not To Be MVP, That Is The Question…

It hasn’t even been a full month since Derrick Rose has won the Maurice Podoloff trophy, better known as the NBA MVP award, and talks are stirring that he did not deserve it. Now, the argument that I hear from most people is that it’s not his resume from the regular season that’s causing the drama, it’s the post season performance that has everyone thinking twice. The problem that I have with that is, this award is for the Most Valuable Player for the regular season, post season has it’s own trophy. Then you have all of your other doubters out there who for what ever reason didn’t think Rose had that great of a season. I’m not really sure if the people saying this are actual NBA fans or just angry Miami fans who are trying to find a way to not think about how re-Dirk-ulous that game 6 performance was from their team. All year long Rose has shown that age doesn’t matter when it comes down to leading your team to the number one seed overall and taking them to the Eastern Conference Finals with virtually no help. Loul Deng was the second most consistent player on that team all season, and Deng essentially is a 3rd option on most teams. Rose, Deng and the Bulls made it work, 62-20 was how they finished the regular season grabbing the number one overall spot. In the 2010-11 season, we saw a Bulls team that played great defense and had a decent offensive scheme, but we all knew they still needed at least one more piece to succeed. Rose averaged 25.0 points, 7.7 assists, and 4.1 rebounds a game not to mention the fact that his 3point percentage went from 22% in his rookie season to 33% this year. This shows how much he has worked to improve his game and how high his ceiling really is. So if you don’t give the Podoloff trophy to Rose, who do you give it to? Howard, Bryant, James? What most are not looking at is the bigger picture and that is the fact that if you take Rose off of that team and Howard, Bryant, and James off of their teams, which team will be the most successful. The Bulls would most likely have the worst record out of all 4 teams mentioned, why, because Rose had the least amount of help. Let’s move into the playoffs because this is what seems to have everyone in an uproar. Rose averaged 27 pts, 7 asst. and 4 rebs. a game in the post season this year. The difference here is that Rose shot a not so pretty 39% from the field and a horrible 25% from behind the arc. Does he need to improve in those categories for the Bulls to move on, yes! Does he also need to help so he won’t have to take so many shots, YES! The numbers are deceiving due to the simple fact that Boozer was non-existent, and Noah is just not an offensive threat in the NBA, and Deng plays so many minutes and has the duty of guarding some of the leagues best scorers his focus is on the defensive end. The turnovers were a small problem as well, but as a pg, because you have the ball in your hands just about every possession you are going to have some bad one’s from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, Rose’s performance in the 10-11 postseason was far from great, but being only 22 years old and seeing what he’s done thus far, almost by himself it’s incredible. I’m sure he’s going to hit the gym harder this summer because of how he performed in the playoffs and the final result of the season. I think once again you will see a much improved Rose and hopefully, the Bulls front office will also make some adjustments to that roster and bring the young boy some help.

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