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I’d like to thank Xavier Silas for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions. Silas was the NCAA’s 7th leading scorer this season at Northern Illinois. He averaged 22.3 points and 4.6 rebounds this season while shooting 45% from the floor and 41% from deep(3’s). Silas got to the line quite often and made the most of it connecting at 85%, keep your eyes and ears open on Draft Night to see where he goes!!

WKT: How much of an influence did your dad (James Silas) have on your decision to play basketball if any?

XS: My dad had a lot of influence. He is the reason I started to play. As a youngster Id see how he was respected and loved by the Spurs community and I loved that. I also saw how he’d use his fame and knowledge to help others and I really liked that. I want to be just like him.

WKT: Your freshman year at Colorado you averaged an impressive 29.5 minutes, how was your transition from H.S. Basketball to College Basketball?

XS: The transition was easy since I went to prep school. I went to Brewster Academy and we played in the NEPSAC, which is the most competitive high school league period. So after I went up against guys going to pretty much every school you can think of every night I was ready for the Big 12 and it showed.

WKT: In just 2 years at Northern Illinois you finished 23rd on their Scoring list, what does that mean to you just hearing that?

XS: 23rd? I should’ve been higher than that, there’s always more work to do.

WKT: You’re an extremely versatile scorer, looking through box scores really drives that point home. You had multiple 30 point games this year and even a 40 point game. You finished 7th in the NATION in scoring, what’s your secret to being such a “complete” scorer of the basketball?

XS: A lot of gym time, A lot of skill work, and a lot of mental preparation. Basketball isn’t just a game or a job to me, its a lifestyle. Eating right, sleeping right, etc. Its everyday all day. Im 100% committed to creating the right situation for my current situation, Joe Sharpe taught me that.

WKT: If you hadn’t injured your ankle prior to Conference Post Season Play, do you think Northern Illinois could have been in the mix to win the Conference Tourney?

XS: Oh no question

WKT: If you were an NBA scout, how would you evaluate Xavier Silas?

XS: A tough kid who is seasoned, polished and proven. Wont get out worked.

WKT: I enjoyed your video(s) on Dime’s website, what led to your decision to dress up for each workout? Was it solely your idea, or was it a piece of advice you received prior to the start of the workouts?

XS: I have always been the one who overdresses. I dressed like this on road trips during the season. I just got done with this bulls workout and I have a full Ralph Lauren suit on. Its just who I am.

WKT: What are your thoughts on your Pre-Draft experience, namely the workouts?

XS: It is a crazy experience. So much travel and the competition is really intense because we are only on the court for an hour. Overall it is a good time but it is more about your body of work, not about these workouts.

WKT: What’s a part of your game that you feel needs improvement?

XS: l’ll get with my guru, Sundance Wicks, and figure out what I need to tweak and rep. But when I ask teams what I need to work on they just tell me keep doing what I do.

WKT. How well does your game translate to the next level in your opinion?

XS: It well translate beautifully, no more double teams or box and ones. It will be a wonderful thing. follow me @xaviersilas

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