2012 11-20 rankings

Here’s rankings 11-20

11. C- Kaleb Tarczewski 7’0 (Claremont, New Hampshire)

Kaleb is one of the truest center in the top 20 rankings. He has great size and length. He finishes strongly and has good post moves. He has a good hook shot with high release. He’s a solid offensive rebounder and is good at boxing out. Kaleb has a bit of a temper that could affect his game. He should become a little more independent as he usually is more productive with a solid point guard at hand. His favorite three schools are North Carolina, Kansas, and Arizona. He is also considering UConn, Boston College, Kentucky, and a few other schools.

12. C- Cameron Ridley 6’10 (Fort Bend, Texas)

Cameron, another true center, is in very good shape so he runs the floor well. He improves at a steady rate and he is a good rebounder at the offensive end. He has good post moves and is very energetic. Cameron always plays hard. He needs to stay in shape, because his game is based around his energy and quickness. Cameron is headed to Texas to play basketball.

13. SG- Gary Harris 6’4 (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Gary has a lot of strength for a guard. He’s a slasher and finishes strongly at the rim; many and one finishes. He is a tough defender and is quick to steal passes often. He could work on his jumper as it is just decent. He’s a bit streaky. He is being recruited for football as well. His favorite five right now is Purdue, Notre Dame, Louisville, Michigan St, and Indiana.

14. PF- Shaq Goodwin 6’8 (Decatur, Georgia)

Shaq is a physical player. He can play a bevy of positions. He’s one of the more versatile players in the class. He can put the ball on the floor and take it to the rim. He’s active on the glass on both ends but he’s outstanding on the offensive side. Shaq can play more consistent and should talk a bit more when he’s on the floor and become a leader. His top five schools are UCLA, Florida, Georgia, Memphis, and Alabama.

15. PF- Anthony Bennett 6’9 (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

Anthony Bennett has really blown up in the past few months. Dropping more than 50 spots in some rankings, his stock has really risen for the next level. His power/finesse combination really makes him a tough match-up for his defender. His stock should only keep rising because of who he will be practicing against in the winter at prestigious Findlay Prep in Nevada. He needs to learn a few more post moves as well. He’s hearing from a plethora of schools, UConn, Cincinnati, West Virigina, Pittsburgh, Ohio St, Arizona, UNLV, Washington, Washington St, Oregon, Oregon St, Florida, Florida St, and he was recently called by North Carolina.

16. PF- Perry Ellis 6’8 (Wichita, Kansas)

Perry plays hard, strong, and with passion. He runs the floor very well. He is great facing up and has great mid range game. He has a good jump shot. He also handles the ball well for his size. He has troubles scoring on the perimeter and needs the ball in his hands often. He needs to work on some low post moves. Schools interested in him are, Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, Kansas St, Wichita St, Memphis, Oklahoma, and Minnesota.

17. PF- Robert Carter 6’8 (Thomasville, Georgia)

The wide big man has an advantage in the paint. He’s strong and uses his wideness to get position on defenders and also to box them out. He also being recruited for football. He should stay away from playing with finesse as that is really not his style. He needs to get in better shape and run the floor more. Robert’s college list consists of, Florida, Florida St, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ohio St, Kentucky, and Virginia Tech.

18. SF/PF- Alex Poythress 6’8 (Clarksville, Tennessee)

Alex is a combo forward with great quickness. He runs the floor well and he is solid in the paint for his size. He’s a good ball handler with great leadership skills. To become a better big forward, he needs to develop a better inside presence and low post moves. He also needs to continue to add some strength. He is being recruited by, Tennessee, Memphis, Vanderbilt, UConn, Duke, West Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky, and a few more schools. He plans to cut his list soon.

19. SF/PF Jarnell Stokes 6’8 (Memphis, Tennesse)

Jarnell isin great condition. He finishes well, even when drawing contact. He drives the lane strong and he scores easily around the basket. Stokes has good strength, and he knows how to use it. He needs to work to create matchup problems. Jarnell should work on his jumper a little more. His six favorite schools are, Arkansas, Tennesse, Memphis, UConn, Kentucky, and Florida.

20. PF- Grant Jerrett 6’9 (La Verne, California)
The Arizona bound power forward uses his length very well. Grant is arguably the best rebounder in the class of 2012. Hee runs the floor well and is very strong. He can shoot the three pointer well. He is a matchup nightmare. He needs to finish when he draws contact more often and needs a better presence on the defensive end of the floor.

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