My top 10 for the class of 2012

Here’s my top 10 highshool basketball prospects for the class of 2012.

1. C- Andre Drummond 6’11 (Middleton, Connecticut)

Andre is definitely the most athletic player in the class of 2012. Many experts question his inconsistency but he has many assets to make him be at the peak. He runs the floor well and is a great defender. He’s solid when he’s facing up or has his back to the basket. He has great shot blocking ability as well. He is eligible for the 2012 NBA draft and may not go to college. He has many schools on him like UConn, Georgetown, Louisville, Pitt, Kentucky, Duke, and UNC.

2. SG- Shabazz Muhammed 6’6 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Shabazz is the top shooting guard in the class of 2012 for many reasons. The lefty attacks the rim very strongly. He has a very reliable jump shot as well. He is a great scorer especially by the rim. His body is NBA ready and he is a future NBA lottery pick. He needs to work on a consistent three point shot. He also makes not smart mistakes on the defensive end. He’s got a great list of schools, UCLA, UNLV, Kentucky, Duke, Arizona, Kansas and others.

3. PF- Mitch McGary 6’10 (Chesterton, Indiana)

Mitch is the top power forward in the class. McGary’s best asset is running the floor. Mitch plays with such great intensity and often has the most heart on the floor. He has excellent strength and draws many fouls in the paint. He can stretch the defense and has a smooth southpaw jumper. He needs to improve his right hand and needs to work on his back to basket game. He can also improve on his basketball I.Q. He is pretty open in his recruitment and has many schools after him. Maryland, UConn, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Texas, West Virginia, Florida and a bunch more of schools are on him.

4. C- Isaiah Austin 7’0 (Mansfield, Texas)

Isaiah is the nephew of ex-NBA player Isaac Austin. His size is definitely his best asset. He has great skill making his footwork very good. Isaiah has solid ball handling skills for his size and he can take and make the three. Isaiah’s a great rebounder. He’s a great shot blocker as well. He needs to add some strength and add some back to the basket moves. He also needs to be more consistent. He is Baylor bound.

5. C- DaJuan Coleman 6’10 (DeWitt, New York)

DaJuan is a beast in the paint. He gets up and down the floor well for his size of 280 lbs. He has awesome strength and scores well with his back to the basket. He scores well in the lane also. He can finish with both hands equally and draws fouls. He is a great rebounder. He needs to get into a little better shape and work on his defensive positioning. He has two favorites in the recruiting scene with Syracuse and Kentucky. Those schools are followed by UConn, Louisville, West Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio State.

6. PG/SG/SF- Kyle Anderson 6’8 (Fairview, New Jersey)

Kyle doesn’t know what position he wants to play at the next level. He is a point forward, so he has fantastic ball handling skills for his size. He has solid range for his shooting. He has great court vision with a good passing asset. He also posts up smaller defenders and shoots over them. He is a good weapon on the perimeter. Kyle struggles with speed and quickness. He needs to add strength and play harder. His current list is Seton Hall, St. John’s, Georgetown, UCLA, and Florida.

7. PF- Brandon Ashley 6’9 (Oakland, California)

Brandon has great length. His very athletic with quickness, and good hops. He loves to use the spin move. He has great college/pro potential because of his ability at the small forward/power forward/ center positions. He needs to add more strength and needs to play more physical. He says the two schools in best shape with him are Arizona and Oregon. Other schools that are recruiting him are UCLA, Kansas, Kentucky,Wake Forest, Ohio State, UConn, Texas and the rest of the PAC-12.

8. SG- Rodney Purvis 6’4 (Raleigh, North Carolina)

The former Louisville commit is arguably the best scorer in his class. He is a great athlete with good strength. He has great court vision and great ball handling skills, making him a combo guard. He has good hops and is a solid rebounder. His jumper is a solid. He could work on his jumper a bit more and could play with more intensity at times. He has a top 3 schools list of Duke, Missouri and North Carolina State.

9. SG- Archie Goodwin 6’5 ( Little Rock, Arkansas)

Archie is long and athletic. He has good ball handling skills that help get to the tin. He has a nice jump shot and is a great dunker. He has good length, helping him be a better defender. Archie needs to polish his jumper from three point land. He should add some more strength as well. He has many schools on him such as, Kentucky, Arkansas, UConn, Baylor, Lousiville, Memphis, and Ole Miss.

10. SG- Ricardo Ledo 6’6 (Providence, Rhode Island)

Ricardo is probably the best scorer in the class. His inconsistency is what stops him from being ranked higher. In some games he tends to disappear for quarters at a time. He is a great three point shooter and can score at will. He can handle the ball well. He slashes with aggressiveness. His favorite schools are, Providence, Kentucky, UConn, and Syracuse. Other schools showing interest are Texas, Florida, Louisville, Arizona, UCF, and Maryland.

11-20 to come next week

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