Do the Saints MISS Reggie Bush???

The NFL season got off to a GREAT start last night in the Packers-Saints game, the Packers held on to win. Let me tell you what jumped out at me about the Saints offense. They MISS Reggie Bush, I understand that D.Sproles had a good game and does some of the same things. Sproles really helped in the return game, by NO WAY am I knocking Sproles. All I’m saying is that the biggest threat in the Saints offense WAS Reggie Bush. The THREAT of him being on the field aided the Saints offense, he was a MATCHUP NIGHTMARE. When a defense looks at the Saints now in terms of match-ups, it’s EASIER to defend them in the short field. Last year when the Saints were in the Red Zone, they’d have P.Thomas and R.Bush in the backfield which caused trouble for the opposing defense. One of the best plays the Saints ran was the fake to Bush and give to Thomas up the middle, the reason being you had to ACCOUNT for Bush. Or how much more open the WR used to be when Bush lined up in the backfield for period let alone play action. I know some of you reading this are going to tell me I’m crazy, but you tell me who scares you more matchup wise…D.Sproles or R.Bush?? Think about it for a little bit, in that same situation last year the Saints would have thrown that swing pass to Reggie and it would have been a foot race…I’m just saying!! Tell me what you think, whether you agree or not I’d like your feedback!!

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