Really Teddy Bruschi??

Dear Teddy,Who knew that all it would take was getting in front of a camera to forget where YOU came from? YOU were a product of Bill Bellichick, he found you and put you in a position to where you COULDN’T FAIL. That didn’t happen in year 1, it took time Teddy. That being said, how dare YOU criticize someone experiencing the New England culture for the first time? You haven’t been in Chad’s shoes, you weren’t a Pro-Bowl caliber linebacker for years before you went to BB. You have no idea what Chad’s going through, I think your former teammate Rodney Harrison was being kind by having your back. If people remember correctly he was seen as a villain, far worse as a teammate than Chad was and he didn’t just “FIT” right in to the New England way of life. You haven’t had that type of success that Chad has had without BB, secondly you above all people should know that if BB wants you in NE it’s for a reason. We all know you’re not questioning the guy that MADE you, are you? Chad will be fine, he hasn’t been found “dogging” it on routes via Randy Moss. It’s just a lot going on, he came in NE from the polar opposite in Cincinnati. Winning is not a word he is used to, nor is he used to that type of offensive precision to which he is trying to integrate himself to. Give him some time before you attack him, if BB had a problem with Chad tweeting and truly saw it as a “distraction” than Chad wouldn’t be tweeting. BB plays chess, not checkers Teddy so be patient. Not to mention after almost every series, Tom and Chad are talking which means that there chemistry will only get better. If they weren’t speaking and Tom was completely ignoring Chad, than I wouldn’t have any issue with your position. If I remember correctly, that 50 TD year Tom had with Randy wasn’t in year 1 was it? What do you guys think, is Teddy right or wrong??

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