“Crowned” Too Early? I think so!

Let me first start off by saying in no way am I writing any of these kids off, so try to keep your emotions in check as I explain my position.

There are 3 quarterbacks on 3 good teams; all 3 of which were crowned “elite” or close too it much too early if you ask me. Those 3 are Mark Sanchez, Matt Ryan, and Joe Flacco. We’ll start with Mr. Sanchez.

Mark Sanchez

  • Rookie Year- QB Rating 63.0, 12 TD’s, 20 INT’s, 8 Fumbles, 53.8 Comp%, 6.71 yds per pass attempt in 15 games
  • 2010- QB Rating 75.3,  17 TD’s, 13 INT’s, 5 Fumbles, 54.8 Comp%, 6.49 yds per pass attempt in 16 games
  • THIS Season- QB Rating 75.9, 6TD’s, 5 INT’s, 3 Fumbles, 55.1 Comp%, 6.84 yds per pass attempt thru 4 games
  • Career-QB Rating 71.0,  35 TD’s, 38 INT’s, 16 Fumbles, 54.5 Comp%,  6.62 yds per pass attempt thru 35 games

My Take: Sanchez is what stands between the Jets and a Super Bowl, they have provided him with the proper weapons in RB’s Shonn Greene and LT. Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress, Derek Mason, and Dustin Keller in the passing game. They have a top 10 defense, the weapons I just named, so you TELL me what’s missing? Yup you guessed it, solid QB play!

Matt Ryan

  • Rookie Year- QB Rating 87.7, 16 TD’s, 11 INT’s, 2 Fumbles, 61.1 Comp%,  7.93 yds per pass attempt in 16 games
  • 2009- QB Rating 80.9, 22 TD’s, 14 INT’s, 5 Fumbles, 58.3 Comp%, 6.47 yds per pass attempt thru 14 games
  • 2010-QB Rating 91.0, 28 TD’s, 9 INT’s, 3 Fumbles, 62.5 Comp%, 6.49 yds per pass attempt thru 16 games
  • THIS Season- QB Rating 84.8, 6 TD’s, 4 INT’s, 3 Fumbles, 62.2 Comp%, 6.92 yds per pass attempt thru 4 games
  • Career- QB Rating 86.7, 72 TD’s, 38 INT’s, 13 Fumbles, 60.9 Comp%, 6.91 yds per pass attempt thru 50 games

My Take: Ryan is a textbook pocket passer, specifically your play action type passer. Doesn’t seem as comfortable under the gun spreading it out only because he doesn’t have that typical “gun-slinger” mentality. Extremely intelligent QB, seems to want a “perfect” window before letting the ball go which has led him to some struggles. Gaudy numbers hide this very well, but he is equipped with a great RB in Michael Turner and a Hall of Fame TE in Tony Gonzales. Now has two #1 type wide outs in Roddy White and Rookie Julio Jones. Has more pressure on him than the other two because of an unreliable defense, but he does possess top notch talent at the skill positions!! An ELITE QB could make it work, right?

Joe Flacco

  • Rookie Year- QB Rating 80.3, 14 TD’s, 12 INT’s, 6 Fumbles, 60.0 Comp%, 6.94 yds per pass attempt in 16 games
  • 2009- QB Rating 88.9, 21 TD’s, 12 INT’s, 6 Fumbles, 63.1 Comp%, 7.24 yds per pass attempt thru 16 games
  • 2010- QB Rating 93.6, 25 TD’s, 10 INT’s, 7 Fumbles, 62.6 Comp%, 7.41 yds per pass attempt in 16 games
  • THIS Season-QB Rating 79.9, 7 TD’s, INT’s, 3 Fumbles, 49.3 Comp%, 6.95 yds per pass attempt thru 4 games
  • Career- QB Rating 87.2, 67 TD’s, 37 INT’s, 22 Fumbles, 60.9 Comp%, 7.18 yds per pass attempt thru 52 games

My Take: Flacco goes down field more than the other 2 QB’s even though he’s hasn’t always been provided with the necessary tools to do so. The Ravens just drafted a WR to stretch the field in Torrey Smith, traded for Lee Evans, to complement their #1 WR in Anquan Boldin. Flacco is joined in the backfield by a great RB in Ray Rice and has the luxury of Ray Lewis and crew on defense. Like Sanchez, Flacco is the key if Baltimore hopes to win another championship. Flacco is taller and more athletic than Sanchez and Ryan. He also has the strongest arm of the bunch, unlike Ryan he is much more comfortable putting the ball in the air and letting his WR go up and make the play on the ball. Flacco’s comp% has really suffered this year, it’s almost as if he’s regressed even though alot of it has to do with him getting used to his new weapons. It’s still not an excuse if he was indeed an ELITE QB, in the same token he has more weapons than Dilfer did when Dilfer won it!

Conclusion: All 3 of these QB’s have what it takes, the question is WHEN it all comes together for these kids. I wish all 3 of these young QB’s the best, I just don’t agree with those claiming that ANY of these kids are in that ELITE class of QB’s. If I had to pick which of the 3 were to make the jump from decent QB to “ELITE” QB the soonest I would have to choose Flacco. The only reason being that he already throws a great deep ball, he’s mobile, and seems a tad bit more unflappable than the other two. Of the 3, who do YOU think will make the jump to the “Elite” class of QB??

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