Just a Loss or Cause for Concern

This weekend was an exceptionally exciting weekend in Mens College Basketball, what should have been routine games or “easy wins” for two Top 5 teams didn’t go as planned. 4th Ranked Uconn and 1st Ranked UNC both fell into the loss column for the first time this year.

On Friday Uconn lost to Marcus Jordan and UCF in the Battle for Atlantis Tourney. Uconn was up by 17 in the 2nd half before being held scoreless for 7:35 while UCF rallied and then held on to win. UCF did this by switching to a zone, does that mean that the recepie for beating Uconn is to simply switch to a zone?? I don’t believe so, Uconn doesn’t get a pass for giving up a 17 point lead. They are better than that, should have been able to maintain their focus. This was also the first close game minus last year’s “closer” aka Kemba Walker, fortunately for them it happened early in the year. A leader must step up on that team and I believe it will be Shabazz Napier, he rebounded from Friday’s poor effort and led them to a victory over FSU on Saturday with some help from freshman Ryan Boatright.

My Take: Just a Loss         Yours??

Last night UNC took on UNLV in the championship game of the Las Vegas Invitational Tournament, I’m sure most of you don’t even think this match up warranted watching. To those of you who missed this game, UNLV took it to the #1 Ranked Tarheels. Unlike the Uconn game, UNC’s largest lead was 6 which meant they were never really “in control.” On the other hand, UNLV went up by as many as 14 on the Tarheels. UNC got beat on the boards again and again by UNLV, I wish I could say I was surprised! Unfortunately, that’s one of the things about Carolina that always worried me. I know that Zeller and Henson are tall rangy guys, but I they lack girth. It hurt against UNLV last night as they were routinely bullied for position on both the offensive and defensive glass. UNC perimeter defense got picked a part by drive and dish, they gave up many wide open threes. What may have worried me the MOST…their pick and roll defense is HORRENDOUS!! As athletic as UNC’s bigs are, you would think they’d be able to defend the pick and roll pretty well since they are pretty mobile for their size. Instead, they got beat like a drum on EVERY pick and roll. It’s only 1 game, this loss means nothing with it coming this early in the year. However, I do think UNLV provided the blueprint for beating the Tarheels. UNC is one of the deepest and most talented teams in the country, but defense wins championships and I really do think it’s a cause for concern. Not to mention, All-World SF Harrison Barnes left the arena on crutches.

My Take: Cause for Concern        Yours??

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