KD & Russ….Steph & KG Part 2???

Last night the Oklahoma City Thunder held on to beat the Memphis Grizzlies, it’s often said that winning cures all. That is not always the case, it was reported by Darnell Mayberry that Durant and Westbrook had a “heated” discussion during a second quarter timeout. This is not the first time these two have gotten into it with each other… Read More

Memo to Bobcats: Give Kemba the Keys

The Charlotte Bobcats lucked into drafting an impact player at a position of need, they reached with the 7th overall pick by drafting Bismack Biyombo. The Bobcats made up for it by drafting Kemba Walker with the 9th overall pick, Walker had just won the National Championship on the collegiate level. Charlotte made a change last year in their style… Read More