Tebow, Denver Keep Rolling

The Denver Broncos are now atop the AFC West, this wasn’t the case 7 games ago, since making Tim Tebow the Starting Quarterback they have gone 6-1. Of those 6, they’ve rattled off 5 consecutive wins, with four of the five games being on the road. That’s impressive for any team, let alone a team with a new quarterback.

Much of the credit goes to the quarterback in this sport, win or lose. With that in mind, Tebow does indeed deserve credit not for what he has done but what he hasn’t done. That is turn the ball over, Tebow obviously is not going to carve you up a la Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, but he won’t give the opposing defense a chance to put his team away either. Denver either scores or punts on offense, in most cases they punt until the figure out a way to score. They are able to do this due to a very stout defensive unit, Denver’s D has been able to get opposing offenses off the field quickly if not force takeaways.

Rookie Outside Linebacker Von Miller has outperformed the rookie expectations put on him prior to the season. We all knew this kid had the talent to be a great pass rusher, what we didn’t know is that he’d become one so quick! Miller has 10.5 sacks on the year, Elvis Dumerville on the other hand has 6.5. Dumerville is the vet, he’s earned the right to be double teamed due to his reputation. Miller NEEDS to be double teamed, the kid is also 4th on the team in tackles so he’s active outside of his pass rushing prowess.

Many would like to credit John Elway and John Fox for sticking with Tebow, I think that credit should go elsewhere. Specifically to Denver’s Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach, the reason being that they have BOUGHT into Tim Tebow. They accept him for what he is and what he does, they tailor the game plan to his strengths! That is what changed for the Broncos, those two men accepting their QB and making the scheme work. Eventually Tebow will get comfortable throwing the ball, but until then this reliance on the run game is nothing negative. Winning time of possession and the turnover battle can go along way for teams, especially teams with young, unproven QB’s. I wouldn’t want to deal with this Denver team in the playoffs, Tebow like Cam Newton is hard to game plan for because of their ability to buy time and extend plays. Tebow does have something Cam doesn’t, a DOMINATING defense.

What do you think of Denver’s recent success, legit or fools gold??

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