NFL Mock Draft 2.0

                     Dre                             Wilson                                    Rob

1.   Luck        QB               Luck            QB                     Luck QB
2. Griffin        QB             Griffin         QB                     Griffin QB
3.  Claiborne    DB           Claiborne  DB                      Kalil OT
4.Richardson    RB         Richardson        RB              Richardson RB
5.Cox    DT                       Barron  S                                Claiborne DB
6.Kalil    OT                     Blackmon WR                       Blackmon WR
7.Ingram DE/OLB         Coples DE                              Ingram  DE/OLB
8.Tannehill    QB            Tannehill        QB                 Tannehill QB
9.Coples DE                    Floyd WR                                Cox   DT
10.Floyd WR                   Kilpatrick DB                         Floyd WR
11.Kuechly   ILB            Kalil OT                                   DeCastro OG
12.Perry DE                   Kuechly ILB                           Kuechly ILB
13.Rieff T                        DeCastro   OG                        Rieff  T
14.Barron    S                 Brockers   DT                          Barron   S
15.Brockers    DT           Cox   DT                                    Cox   DT
16.Blackmon   WR         Ingram    DE/OLB                  Upshaw  DE/OLB
17.Poe    DT                       Gilmore   DB                        Kirkpatrick   DB
18Upshaw  OLB/DE        Upshaw  OLB/DE             Glenn  OT
19.Mercillus    DE               Perry            DE                 Perry  DE
20.Gilmore    DB                Jenkins         DB                Mercillus  DE
21.Kirkpatrick  DB            Wright    WR                      Poe   DT
22.  Hill   WR                    Martin  OT                            Hill     WR
23.Glenn   OT                 Glenn    OT                             Martin  OT
24.Martin   T                  Poe     DT                                 Adams       T
25.DeCastro  OG           Smith  S                                   Worthy  DT
26.Mcclelin   OLB         Fleener   TE                             Coples  DE
27.Jones  OLB             Jones OLB                                  Hightower ILB
28.Hightower ILB      Mcclellin OLB                            Mcclelin     OLB
29.Konz  C/OG            Hightower ILB                          Konz  C/OG
30.Wright   WR           Hill      WR                                  Randle  WR
31.Adams   OT              Reyes    DE                                 Still   DT
32.Fleener   TE            Worthy  DT                                 Brockers  DT

Thanks for checking out the second version of our Mock Draft, feel free to leave your comments below and contacts us all on twitter. Special thanks to Skinsider Andre Mitchell(@MrDcSports) for participating. Rob (rr1218) and I (@willietspeaks) can be found on twitter as well.

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CEO/Founder of My Mind on Sports For More Information on Wilson, check out his Bio in the "Team" Section Follow Wilson on Twitter: @Willietspeaks

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2 Thoughts to “NFL Mock Draft 2.0”

  1. Rob only one with the smart mock draft in my opinion

  2. Aquan

    I think they going for either Barron or Castro if he there nice mock #cowboysnation

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