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Just because the NBA Finals have stopped doesn’t mean that the games off the court still won’t be played.

It was recently reported by ESPN New York that Deron Williams is only interested in Dallas and Brooklyn as destinations.

I found this to be a very interesting report mainly because Williams has come out and said that he doesn’t know what he’d like to do. I’m hearing that he’d like to have free agency rapped up sooner rather than later as well, so I’m sure that if that is true then the rumor probably is as well. It would make absolute sense that these are Williams’ two destinations of choice because of his home ties with both cities.

Williams seems to like the bright lights of Brooklyn. He was said to be picking out a new locker room and that his kids are also getting used to living there as well. He is originally from the Dallas area, though, so there is also a strong possibility that he would go there as well.

The better basketball decision for Williams seems like it would be to go to play in Dallas with an already established star in Dirk Nowitzki. The two would make a powerful combination in the West and equal a lot of offense. There are also plenty of pieces for Williams to work with in Dallas unlike in New Jersey. There are a lot of project players that are playing for the Nets right now. It definitely is not a win now situation by any means.

It will be interesting to see how this scenario plays out. I’ve been waiting on Williams to come out and say something in regard to free agency as he has in the past when he said that he doesn’t know where he’s going. It will be a crazy week leading up to the draft and free agency, obviously. So we’re off to a wonderful start here.

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