A Legacy of Integrity

Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps are both living legends that have retired from their respective sports. Jordan decided to return numerous times for various reasons. If Phelps decides he wants to compete in the pool again will he be welcomed back? In the midst of retirement rumors Phelps’ staggering performance overshadowed the hype he generated in 2008. “This Phelps looked a little like Joe Montana playing for the Chiefs or Michael Jordan for the Wizards,” said Tim Layden in Sports Illustrated.

Phelps was not giving his best effort for a while. “Both men had made it through qualifying heats to the final — Phelps only by a whisker,” said the CNN Wire Staff. On July 31, thanks to a historic milestone, redemption changed Michael Phelps’ legacy. When Michael Jordan spontaneously announced he was retiring the world was in shock. “Two confidants of Michael Jordan’s told you to wake up, pull your head out of the snowdrift and accept that No. 23 has retired,”  said Skip Bayless of the Chicago Tribune.

Jordan ended up returning to the hardwood inspired by a potential title run. Despite coming out of retirement multiple times the Jordan legacy is still thought of in a positive light.   Michael Phelps decision to retire leaves his legacy under the microscope. “That the sport of swimming uniquely offers an orgy of medal possibilities found nowhere else in the Olympics ought to make us look a little deeper to compare excellence in swimming to, say, track and field,” said MichaelWilbon of Sports Illustrated.

At the end of the day Michael Phelps’ title as the greatest Olympian ever will cement his legacy.

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