Is Matt Ryan Better Than Phillip Rivers??

According to a recent blog on ESPN by Pat Yasinkas, he shard his thoughts about how this question can be answered.  He said in his top 10 qb list that he believed that Matt Ryan is higher than Rivers. Ryan was the 9th ranked qb and Rivers was 10…


Are u kidding me?! The 10th player! Philip Rivers?! Yes I know he had a bad year, everyone is saying that I understand. But even in his worst year Rivers threw for over 4,000 yards.  That’s 4 years in a row that he has thrown for over 4,000 yards, which is a charger record now.  He turned the ball over 27 times, which cause a lot of tightly contended games where the chargers were on the losing end.


Matt Ryan had his best career-passing year this year when he finally eclipsed the 4,000 yard season.  Ryans turned the ball over 17 times last year with 12 interceptions and 5 fumbles.


But lets see.. didn’t a certain team make a huge trade up to the 6th pick and draft a top receiver in the draft Julio Jones? Ohh right it was the Atlanta was that team that gave up their whole draft to get this guy feeling like he is the piece they need to get the Lombardi trophy.


With that trade they drafted a number one receiver to play number two, behind Roddy White their pro bowl starting receiver.  White has gone past 1,000 yards receiving in the past five years, which is a record for reciving yard seasons in a row.  This insane stat line has White as the all time receiving leader in Falscons history.


What does Rivers have? Some tall, no so fast receivers.  Vincent Jackson who signed with Tampa Bay this past off season has been the chargers best receiver the past couple years.  Jackson has been a tall, speedy deep threat the pat few seasons.  He has had over 1,000 yards receiving 3 out of the past 4 years.  The one-year he didn’t receive a 1,000-yard season, was last season when he was holding out for a new contract.


I believe most qbs in the NFL would take Falcons weapons over what the Chargers have.


And don’t we judge elite players on how they do in the playoffs? Rivers has made it to a AFC championship game ( don’t forget he was playing with a torn ACL, and without L.T. ).   Matt Ryans has never won a playoff game.   He has been to the playoffs three times, in his four years.  Ryan and the Falcons offense were to blame for some of these playoff loses.  Most remember the loss against the Giants last year, where Falcons scored two points… yah the team only scored a safety in the game.  The elite qb is always judged on how they perform in the big games.


If u look past the bad year Rivers had last year, then you can see that his resume is overall better than Ryans.  Ryans is good and I would say if you flip the order and make Rivers 9th and Ryan 10th then ill be able to agree to the list of the top 10 quarterbacks on a ESPN blog.


Written by Navid Khoi

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