The Next Dan Marino??

Today the Dolphins announced who their starting qb for the 2012 season will be… If you guessed Ryan Tannehill you were right.  Dolphins selected Tannehill with the eighth pick in the first round out of Texas A&M.  I couldn’t believe this crazy fact that the Dolphins haven’t picked in a qb in the first round since the draft of 1983… ill give you a second to think of who it was… enough time? Yes Dan Marino.

Now was this the right decision by new head coach Joe Philbin to start Tannehill week one at Houston? I think it was, I know many of you might think im a little nuts for thinking a team should start a qb that was once a receiver and only started 19 games in college. Think of it like this, Dolphins aren’t that good. So who cares who does start this year for them, they’re going to lose no matter who goes out on the field.

Just throw him in the fire, he’s a top 10 draft pick as a qb, teams don’t wait that long to see what you got.  Can’t prove it fast enough and you’ll see yourself out the league.  Who did the high draft beat out for the starting job?  Matt Moore who started the final 12 games last year for the Dolphins.  Moore filled in pretty well when he got the starts last year with completing over 60% of his passes and 2500 yards passing.  Dolphins finished the season with a 6-10 record.

What im hearing a lot about the Dolphins this year is that they have no outside threats since they traded away Brandon Marshall.  The only receiver they did have on the roster was cut last week on being accused that he head butted his wife.  Chad Johnson (formerly Chad Ochocinco) was cut by the Dolphins last week.  Many of you probably saw him getting cut on Hard Knocks last week.

Johnson was going to be the teams number one receiver this year, but they have to move on and work with what they got.  Then I thought to myself who do they have to work with?  Devon Bess a decent slot receiver that I don’t think can play a number two or one receiver.  Then theirs the receiver that played opposite of Marshall was Brian Hartline.  Hartline was a fourth round pick by the dolphins out of Ohio State.  In 16 games last year Hartline caught the ball 35 times for 550 yards and also caught one touchdown.  These stats and it being his 4th year I don’t think you can really call him a number one receiver.

If you can look past their no name receivers they have a pretty decent team that can with Tannehill.  Starting with Reggie Bush as probably the best player at the skill positions.  If you asked me what I thought of Bush before last season I would have told you he’s a bust for being the second pick in the draft, but is a good gadget player that you can do a lot with and many teams would die for a player like that.

The former USC Heisman winner ran for his first 1000 yard season of his seven-year career.  Bush even has a 200 yard game under his belt, when he played in a snow game up in Buffalo.  He got better and better towards the end the of year and with the great finish he thinks he can carry it to this year for the start of the season to run for over… 2,000 yards.

A player that is going to pave the way for Bush to get to 2000 yards is Jake Long.  Long the first pick of the 2008 draft is arguably the best-left tackle in the NFL.  He has started 61 games to start off his career.  Long has been a five time pro bowler.  The Dolphins are hoping he can help make the fire that Tannehill is getting thrown into a little smaller since the qb got the starting nod.

And don’t worry about Tannehill not knowing the offence; his offensive coordinator now was his head coach in college.  Mike Sherman has installed the same offence that he ran when he was coaching at Texas A&M.  This gave Tannehill a step up when training camp opened since he is so familiar with all the plays.

Look do I think the Dolphins can even finish with an 8-8 record? No.  But I think with a strong running game and a good defense they can finish with the same record as last year and starting to mold a qb into the next Dan Marino.


Written by Navid Khoi

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