Vince Young’s Career: Boom or Bust?

Fourth and five on the Trojans 10 yard line with 25 seconds left on the clock in the Rose Bowl for the National Championship.  Vince Young made the greatest play of his life, and probably one of the best plays in college football history.  Young ran into the corner of the end zone for the game-winning touchdown.  This play capped off probably one of the best football games I’ve ever seen. Big plays were the constant made by all the great names on the field such as Reggie Bush.  Instead it was Young who shined the most, with his best moment being the game-winning touchdown coming at the end of the game.

Young entered in the 2006 NFL draft that year and was drafted third overall by the Tennessee Titans.  One of the greatest qbs ever in college football history (I think the best ever in college though is ESPN’s golden boy, Tim Tebow) should be a star in the NFL, right? No.  I really thought he was going to be a special player in the league; I compared him to a young Steve Mcnair, a former Tennessee great.  One yard away from a tied game in the Super Bowl Steve Mcnair.  I think its time to ask the question, is Vince Young a bust?

I think its fair to label Young a ‘bust’ now.  Today Young got cut by the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills signed him to a one year contract this offseason to back up Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Yesterday Bills traded for Tavaris Jackson of the Seattle Seahawks.  This trade made Young expendable to the team with Tyler Thigpen also still on the roster.

Last year Young was the back up qb for the dream team, the nickname that he gave the Philadelphia Eagles as the super bowl champs of the offseason.  Young started three games in relief of Michael Vick, who was injured.  In an Andy Reid offense I thought he could maybe excel in the passing game like Vick has since he joined the Eagles.  Young in the games he did start for the Eagles, he struggled.  He threw nine interceptions and fumbled the ball two times.  Eagles only won one game under Young.

Well he started off his career with Tebow like performances in three out of his first four professional seasons for the Titans.  Young got his first start week two of the 2006 season at San Diego.  He won the rookie of the year award that year, and showed many people he is a great qb that just needs to become better in the passing game only throwing for 9 touchdowns that year.  In his second year starting he took the Titans to a 10-6 record, and a playoff appearance against the Chargers in the wild card round.

After a great season that got the Titans a playoff appearance, Young got honored with being on the cover of Madden 2008.  The reason I’m saying this is that yes I do believe in the Madden curse.  For any of you that don’t know what this Madden Curse I’m speaking of is, it’s just that any player that has been on the recent six covers of Madden, has either gotten injured or missed games for various reasons.  Well that happened with Young to cause him to miss games the following the year was getting hurt, put down by his former head coach Jeff Fisher saying he’s a baby, and had thoughts of committing suicide.

Young came back great from the terrible 2009 season.  Coming in half way through the season, the Titans started off 2-6.  He led them to a 6-2 record, while having a six game winning streak.  He also assisted Chris Johnson on his path to the 2000-yard season he had.

Looking at Young’s work the past few years, I think this is the end of the road for his career.  A career that started off with being labeled “clutch” by Skip Bayless to being on the streets looking for another team to try to hopefully be a third string bench warmer at best.  In Young’s seven year career he has thrown for 46 touchdowns and 51 interceptions.  The label of bust might be fair to place on Young.

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