Crazy NFL Week 3

If you wanted a perfect NFL weekend, how would you want it to be? Maybe a couple over time games? A hail marry pass as time expires?  An amazing Monday night football game?  Well week three gave us all of that and some.

The headline of the weekend was from a controversial hail marry throw with no time being on the clock in Seattle… which I just want to say im not as mad at the call as I am on how it took away attention from a great NFL weekend, with pissing off every NFL player, and has gotten everyone in the Twitter world heated.

But hey Seattle’s hail marry wasn’t the only desperate heave into the end zone over the weekend.  A hail marry pass thrown by Shaun Hill against the Titans also happened.  A pass that was batted down by Akeem Ayer, into the hands of Titus Young tying the game to go into overtime 41-41.

Two other teams also went into overtime Sunday, giving the fans in New Orleans and Miami some free football.  The Tennessee game ended 44-41 after Detroit went for it on fourth down even they were in field goal range.  This game was the first time we got to see the newest overtime rules come into effect of if a team scored a field goal on the first drive of overtime, the other team gets a chance to also score.

The Jets game was a good game to watch but I’m not really going to talk about the game, because the teams are still the Dolphins and Jets.  Neither are playoff teams, and with the news yesterday that Darrelle Revis is out for the year with a torn ACL.  The Jets are in bad shape unless their savior on the bench can save them.

The overtime game that had my interest out of them all though was the game in New Orleans.  Dropping the Saints to a 0-3 record, showing them that they really do need Sean Payton out their coaching.  The loss was to a 0-2 Chiefs that made an 18 point comeback in the second half to send it into overtime.  That defense that gave up all those yards in the second half is the worst defense in the NFL.  They already have two losses at home this year, two! Saints are never supposed to lose at home.  Bad sign for the rest of the season.

How about those Arizona Cardinals getting to 3-0 after a dominant performance over the former 2-0 eagles.  The 27-6 win gave the Cardinals first place in the NFC west, over the 49ers that lost on the road at Minnesota.  Who does this make the best team in the NFL now?

Two other teams along with the Cardinals are 3-0, the Texans and the Falcons.  Both teams won on the road against AFC west teams.  Matt Schuab looked like the better quarterback over Peyton Manning.  As he threw for four touchdowns in a 31-25 win.

Who I think is the best team in the NFL right now is the dirty birds of Atlanta.  They dominated the Chargers in San Diego for a 27-3 win.  Their defense for the second week played a defense that confuses offenses, causing Philip Rivers and the Chargers to turn it over four total times.  Rivers throwing two interceptions, and could have been more with the balls that he forced into the Falcons defense.  Offensively Matt Ryan had complete control of the game converting many third downs against a Chargers defense that was first in the NFL of getting teams off the field when it was third down.  This is a super bowl team if they can just play like this once they get into the playoffs.

But the enjoyment of this week three keeps going.

Raiders won their first game of the year against Pittsburg 34-31 on a Sebastian Janikowski game wining 44 yard field goal.

Torry Smith and the Ravens beat the Patriots 31-30, on a game winning field goal from rookie Justin Tucker.  Ravens getting revenge on the Patriots from last years playoff loss where a game winning field goal couldn’t be made by Billy Cundiff. Torry Smith was the feel good story of the game, where he played in the game just figuring out a little earlier that his brother died in a motorcycle accident.  Smith had the game of his life for his brother catching the ball six times for 127 yards and two touchdowns.

Blain Gabbert won Jacksonville their first game of the year in Indianapolis.  I think this is worth noting cause of two reasons.  Gabbert threw an 80 yard game winning touchdown with less than a minute left when they were down by one, and MJD needs to get paid.  Pocket Hercules ran 177 yards on 28 carries with getting into the end zone once.

But even with this Christmas gift we received in September, all we can talk about on this Tuesday is about the refs.  Rightly so to speak about them only, but does the NFL enjoy this?  Open your wallets and pay the real referees already, so we can start enjoying the game we all love.

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  1. Good piece. It was a crazy week indeed.

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