Early NFL Predictions

It’s only the start of Week 2, but here’s my predictions for the end of the year awards!!

MVP:  Peyton Manning

If Denver wants to go where they think they can go, the Superbowl, its going to be on the shoulder of Manning.

Defensive MVP:  DeMarcus Ware

With a revamped Cowboy secondary, well mean quarterbacks have to hold the ball longer.  Meaning Ware gets more sacks than ever.  I think hell beat the sack record this year.

Coach of the Year:  Jim Harbaugh

A fiery coach that any team would want.  San Fran could have the best record in the NFL leading him to win the award.  He’ll show everyone last year wasn’t a fluke.

Rookie of the Year:  Robert Griffin

Can throw one of the best deep balls, and run faster than any of your defenders.  NFL get ready for a lot of “Griffining.”

Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Mark Barron

Barron is a physical safety with speed.  Scary type of player that can get interceptions and sacks, also a great run stuffer.

Superbowl Pick:  Patriots 27    Eagles 24

Written By Navid Khoi

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