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 The Chicago Bulls are prepared to start their 2012 season without their star player Derrick Rose. One of last year’s potential title threats encountered a major setback in the first round of the playoffs when Rose got injured. Chicago has the depth needed to pursue an NBA title. The Bulls have the ability to prove to the league they have the talent needed to win 2012 NBA Championship.

Whoever the Bulls elect to helm their team on the court, will have the daunting task of attempting to replicate last year’s success. The acquisition of Carlos Boozer and success in the draft has created a roster filled with depth at every position. Teams need multiple players at their disposal, so they can rotate strategically in the playoffs. Derrick Rose’s healthy reemergence combined with Chicago’s deep roster is the key to an NBA championship.

The biggest roadblock preventing The Bulls from reaching the finals is the Miami Heat. Rose’s ability to take over games and maneuver swiftly poses a major threat to their defense. Chicago’s division rivals are talented but threatening.  Being able to stay in the playoff hunt until Derrick Rose is back to health should not be a challenge. If the Chicago Bulls take advantage of their depth and Derrick Rose’s health they will win the 2012 NBA Title.

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