NBA Player Rank: 50-40

We said we were going to make a list and we did it during today’s show on My Mind on Sports Radio. This list is based on last season’s performance. It was incredibly hard to do, even harder to decide what factors placed a player above another. In the end, it really came down to how many different ways a player impacts a game. Rebounding isn’t more important than scoring and vice versa, we’ll be releasing the list by 10 players at a time. If you can’t wait, just listen to the podcast from today’s show! Feel Free To Comment!!

 50. Nene: 13.7ppg 7.5rpg 1bpg PER: 18.65

 49. Amare Stoudemire: 17.5ppg 7.8rpg 1bpg PER:17.73

 48. Andrea Bargnani: 19.5ppg 5.5rpg 0.5bpg PER: 18.00

 47. Paul Millsap: 16.6ppg 8.8rpg 0.8bpg PER: 21.85

 46. Greg Monroe: 15.4ppg 9.7rpg 0.7bpg PER: 22.09

 45. Kyle Lowry: 14.3ppg 6.6apg 4.6rpg PER: 18.89

 44. Serge Ibaka: 9.1ppg 7.5rpg 3.7bpg PER: 18.98

 43. Monta Ellis: 20.4ppg 6.0apg 3.4rpg PER: 17.53

 42. Zach Randolph: 11.6ppg 8.0rpg 0.1bpg PER: 17.96

 41. Gerald Wallace: 13.8ppg 2.8apg 6.7rpg PER: 15.98

 40. Luol Deng: 15.3ppg 2.9apg 6.5rpg PER: 14.13

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