The Cowboys need to bounce back after their puzzling loss.

The Dallas Cowboys suffered a humiliating 27-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks Sunday, September 16. Romo had a shaky performance that resulted in only one touchdown and one interception. An improved defense is expected to increase the Cowboys’ win total.

All the missing pieces have fallen in place allowing Dallas to succeed this year. Jerry Jones invested money and draft picks in hopes of improving his team’s defense. An improved Cowboys secondary is believed to be the missing piece of the puzzle. Tony Romo being able to perform in the fourth quarter will result in more wins.

The biggest roadblock preventing the Dallas Cowboys from a playoff berth is playing in the extremely competitive NFC East. The Cowboys have a tough schedule this year, which means there is little room for error. A retooled Washington Redskins squad led by RG3 has the talent needed to wreak havoc in the NFC East. The Defending super Bowl champion New York Giants are a threat to repeat.

Dallas needs to keep its composure and bounce back from their loss.

One loss can affect the momentum of a whole season. Beating struggling teams like the Seattle Seahawks creates the inertia needed to overcome successful teams like the New York Giants. The Cowboys have enough talent to have a successful season. Jerry Jones did his part assembling the puzzle pieces, and now its up to Tony Romo and his teammates to make the pieces fall into place.

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  1. Seattle os better than you would think. Juay no one looks at them because they are in the Northwest.

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