NBA Player Rank: 29-21

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 29. Rudy Gay  19.0 ppg 2.3apg 6.4rpg PER: 17.85

 28. Josh Smith  18.8ppg 3.9apg 9.6rpg PER: 21.14

 27. Andre Iguodala  12.4ppg 5.5apg 6.1rpg PER: 17.59

 26. Tim Duncan  15.4ppg 2.3apg 9.0rpg PER: 22.60

 25. Manu Ginobli  12.9ppg 4.4apg 3.4apg PER: 24.18

 24. Marc Gasol  14.6ppg 8.9rpg 1.9bpg PER: 18.41

 23. Kevin Garnett 15.8ppg 2.9apg 8.2rpg PER: 20.47

 22. Steve Nash  12.5ppg 10.7 apg 3.0rpg PER: 20.29

 21. Blake Griffin  20.7ppg 3.2apg 10.9rpg PER: 23.50

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