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Let’s take a moment to welcome back the NBA season! We’ve waited way too long for this past week, but its finally here. My Mind on Sports would like to welcome you to the Biweekly player power rankings.

Every other week we will bring to you the top 25 players in the game. As the season progresses, names will drop and names will come in. By season’s end, we’ll have our own MVP candidates and we’ll showcase our top ten in that category as well.

Now presenting the rankings!


1. James Harden

Ppg: 35.3 Apg: 6.3 Rpg: 6.3 PER: 30.6

Harden is the obvious number one here. He’s scored 106 points through three games this season and will continue to do so through out the year. He’s got a 64% true shooting percentage, and I don’t expect that to drop at all.

2. Carmelo Anthony

Ppg: 26.0 Rpg: 7.3 PER: 25.5

Anthony has turned heads in New York so far. As Wilson likes to say, there’s a difference between New York’s Carmelo and Carmelo the Olympian. When at the power forward position, Melo is in prime position to do what he does best. He bullies smaller forwards and takes bigger ones out to the perimeter. He’s got plenty of hockey assists on the year, too, because of the great ball movement that’s around him. Look for Melo to stay on the uptick.

3. Kevin Durant

Ppg: 22.7 Rpg: 14.3 Apg: 6.7 PER: 23.0

This season Kevin Durant said that he wants to improve his all around game just as he did last season. Early on, he’s doing just that averaging 14.3 rebounds a game and leading the league in rebounding percentage. He’s been awesome feeding his teammates as well.

4. Chris Paul

Ppg: 18.5 Apg: 11.5 Rpg: 4.3 PER: 27.

Chris Paul is still the Point God in the league. He’s assisting on 55% of his team’s field goals and they’ve dominated two playoff contending teams. Paul proves to be tentative at times, but when he decides to turn it on you probably won’t win the game.

5. Kobe Bryant

Ppg: 26.8 Rpg: 5.0 Apg: 3.0 PER: 25.4

For all of you Kobe fans out there, Bryant comes on the list at number five. He’s on pace to have one of his most efficient seasons ever as well. On a team with so much talent, what more can you ask for from him? Through this small sample size, Bryant has easily been the Lakers most productive player.

6. LeBron james

Ppg: 29.4 Rpg: 9.9 Apg: 5.3 PER: 28.8

The King is at it again. He comes in at number six on our list. LeBron has been nothing short of spectacular since game six of the Eastern Conference Finals. He seems to be on par to have a similar season and its going to be much easier to do so with the addition of Ray Allen to the Miami Heat.

7.Kyle Lowry (Wilson’s Guy)

Ppg: 23.7 Apg: 7.0 Rpg: 7.3 PER: 34.7

Kyle Lowry has come out and surprised some people, but not us at My Mind on Sports. Very few point guards can come out and average more rebounds than he does assists. Lowry is one of those. He leads the league in win shares per 48 minutes and has an extremely high PER. He’s putting up Fat Lever type numbers as well so he’s more than welcome in our top 10.

8. Kyrie Irving

Ppg: 23.8 Apg: 6.0 PER: 21.1

Many people expect Kyrie Irving to solidify himself as one of the top five point guards in the game this season. I don’t know how far he can actually go with that, but he’s doing one hell of a job with it right now. Irving is playing efficiently this year just as he did last year and picking up right where he left off.

9. Chris Bosh (Wilson’s Guy)

Ppg: 23.3 Rpg: 8.0 PER: 28.6

Chris Bosh is probably the unsung hero of the Miami Heat. We saw him drop 40 points the other night on a Denver Nuggets team that some people believe is the best in the western conference. That’s not bad for a third wheel, wouldn’t you agree?

10. Brandon Jennings (Wilson’s Guy)

Ppg: 17.0 Apg: 13.0 Spg: 4.0 PER: 28.0

Brandon Jennings has come out and shocked many people in two games. So far he’s proven to be an efficient shooter from the field and also dishing out 13 assists per game. He’s also been decent on the defensive end as far as getting the ball in his team’s hands goes. Jennings has played exceptionally well.

11. Tony Parker

Ppg: 18.8 Apg: 9.6 PER: 19.1

12. Jamal Crawford

Ppg: 24.0 FG %: 53.6 PER: 27.1

13. Tim Duncan

Ppg: 19.3 Rpg: 10.3 Apg: 2.0 PER: 25.9

14. Dwight Howard

Ppg: 23.3 Rpg: 9.8 Apg: 2.3 PER: 27.3

15. Marc Gasol

Ppg: 21.0 Apg: 6.0 Rpg: 7.0 PER: 26.6

16. Al Horford

Ppg: 18.5 Rpg: 8.5 Apg: 3.0 PER: 24.2

17. Kevin Martin

Ppg: 20.7 FG%: 53.1% 3FG%: 70.6

18. Damian Lillard:

Ppg: 19.3 Apg: 8.0 PER: 19.9

19. O.J Mayo

Ppg: 21.5 Apg: 2.5 3FG%: .667 PER: 22.5

20. Darren Collison

Ppg: 16.5 Apg: 8.5 PER: 26.6

21. Glen Davis

Ppg: 25.5 Rpg: 9.0 Apg: 2.5 PER: 27.5

22. Rajon Rondo

Ppg: 13.2 Apg: 10.4 Rpg: 5.3 PER: 20.4

23. Mo Williams

Ppg: 21.7 Apg: 7.0 PER: 24.6

24. J.J Redick

Ppg: 22.5 Apg: 6.0 PER: 30.1

25. Ray Allen

Ppg: 15.5 3P%: .600 PER: 24. 1

Keep in mind that these rankings are from a small sample size and will continue to change throughout the year. Stay tuned as they’ll be updated every other week. Hope you enjoy!

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