Moving the Islanders to the Mainland slowed Down the NHL’s Growth

The city of Seattle Washington is currently seeking to acquire a new NHL and NBA franchise. Reviving the Sonics appears to be the main priority. The National Hockey Association missed a major opportunity, by failing to potentially dictate an Islander’s move to Seattle. This move would have helped preserve the tradition, create a fresh start, and help economically.

The New York Islanders were known for their dynasty years, and being the only professional sports team on Long Island. Charles Wang was unable to secure a new arena so he agreed to, relocate his hockey franchise to Brooklyn in 2015. Fans have requested a new logo. Tapping in to Washington States unique Ferry system, would have satisfied the fans and preserved the tradition.

The ferry system is the world’s largest passenger and automobile fleet and the third largest in the world by fleet size. Various islands benefit from this transportation service. Renaming the team the Washington Islanders would have helped the current fan base grow and kept a common theme.  A Washington ferry could have easily been incorporated into the current logo. The franchise would have benefited economically from tapping into an international fan base.

Seattle has established itself as an international hot bed. Its proximity to Asia and Hawaii would have allowed the Islander to take advantage of an international presence.  Hockey needs to continue to evolve if it wants to compete with soccer. The four Major professional sports teams are all competing to make their presence felt on a global spectrum and this move would have given the NHL an edge.

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