Myck Needs Texas and Texas Needs Myck

The Texas sophomore has a big load to carry once he is ruled eligible to play. (Lawrence Peart | Daily Texan Staff)

Listen to Myck Kabongo speak, and it is hard not to come away impressed by how well spoken and grounded he is. If one is not careful, Kabongo can be mistaken as Jason Terry–minus the promise of championships.

Watch Myck Kabongo play, and you see a player that has a ton of talent but stills needs to refine his game. Coming in as a touted freshman point guard, Kabongo showed flashes of promise in spurts. But this season, he is expected to make a consistent leap and elevate his draft stock.

Unfortunately, Kabongo has been declared ineligible for competition as the NCAA investigates a trip he took to Cleveland during the summer.

He has been allowed to travel with the team, but it still remains a mystery as to how many more games he will have to sit out.

Observe Myck Kabongo on the bench, and it is clear just how miserable he feels about not being able to go out and  lead his young team. Being a fierce competitor and hard worker, the Canadian point guard is trying his best to remain positive while being a spectator.

The only thing that may be more ailing than Kabongo’s emotions might be the play of his Texas basketball team thus far. The team currently sits at 3-2, but clearly looks unorganized and in need of their leader– Myck Kabongo.

After being upset by Chaminade in the opening round of the Maui Invitational, Texas coach, Rick Barnes, had some very disconcerting words to describe his team’s loss.

“The team that won the game should have won the game,” Barnes said. “They play better. I thought they played, collectively, I thought they played harder. I thought we played very tentative. I would probably even use the word scared.”

The next day, Texas compounded the situation by losing to a USC team, which experienced a similar upset by losing to Illinois by 30 points.

In the following  game, however, Texas appeared to bounce back. The Longhorns defeated the Mississippi State Bulldogs by 14 points, while getting a boost from their two talented sophomores, Julien Lewis (15 pts) and Sheldon McClellan (19 pts).

Things definitely could be worse for the Longhorns, but the insertion of Myck Kabongo into the lineup will solve some of the play-making and leadership issues on offense. Kabongo also needs to get back on the court to show scouts the improvements that he made to his game.

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2 Thoughts to “Myck Needs Texas and Texas Needs Myck”

  1. Even with him back(whenever that is), this team will still struggle. They just seem to be “off” this year. Barnes is really going to have to coach them up.

    1. I think Myck will bring a sense of calm. He definitely won’t solve all of their problems, but they have some solid players who require a pg to get them the ball. One thing that they have as well is tight game experience because they played so many big time teams down to the wire last year. But their youth stopped them from going to another level.

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