A call for remembrance and service

The great Dr. King serves as a beacon of equality that continues to shine brilliantly today.

Through the good, the bad, the happy, and the sad, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. always strove to bring about racial, social, and economic equality for all citizens.

He was opposed by some, but never silenced. He was jailed by others, but never remained down for the count. With his resounding eloquence, determination, and courage, he struck down barriers of injustice and paved the way for those who had been swept under the rug and marginalized for many centuries.

Today, many of us enjoy unique privileges that were direct results of the efforts of Dr. King and other trailblazers who chose to serve their fellow brothers and sisters. As those pioneers locked their hands in support of freedom, many of them couldn’t clearly see the fruits of their labor, but they remained steadfast because they knew that one day service would overcome division.

So, I politely encourage all of you to take a moment out of your day to to serve your fellow brothers and sisters in any kind of way that is possible.

God Bless, and let freedom ring!

Here’s a little video remebr


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