General Thoughts 

General Thoughts

Another great week of sports has ended and now the storm that is Tim Tebow has hit us once again. The former New York Jets quarterback will be signing with the New England Patriots in hopes of resuming his NFL career. What will be interesting to watch will be how he is incorporated with this team. Many have talked about his quarterback skills, or lack there of. Could Bill Belichick use Tebow in multiple different ways? Only the Patriots will know, but it is sure going to be interesting to see if he is able to make it add to this team. One thing that will be for sure in New England though: the distractions will be minimal. The Patriot Way is a code of silence or uniformity when addressing the media and I expect Tebow to fall in line. If he does not, his future with the Patriots will come to a quick end.

Adam JonesBengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones had been doing well staying out of trouble since he joined the Cincinnati Bengals. He re-signed with the organization after having the opportunity to leave this offseason and it looked like he was headed in the right direction and away from the law. Well, it looks like we have spoke too soon. Reportedly Jones was outside a bar when two women asked to take a picture with him. When Jones refused, he said he was hit in the head with a bottle and turned around and smacked one of the women in question. In this instance, it is suspected that one of the women threw the bottle at him, yet Jones was the only one arrested. In this instance, Jones may have been wrong to smack the woman, but the woman, if she threw the bottle at him, should have been charged with assault as well. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out, but both deserve some fault here, not just Jones.

In the NBA, the Spurs and Heat are now knotted up at one game apiece after Miami’s 103-84 rout at home of San Antonio.  The momentum ray allenthe Spurs built in Game 1 has quickly evaporated as the Heat came out with better energy on both ends of the court. And despite the inexplicable struggles of LeBron James offensively, the Heat were still able to overpower the Spurs. One big reason for the win was the play of point guard Mario Chalmers. He was excellent at taking advantage of the open looks the Spurs gave him along with attacking the rim off the pick and roll with LeBron. But an overlooked reason for the win Sunday night was the combination of Mike Miller and Ray Allen. Both subs came in and shot the lights out from three-point range, combining to go 6-8 and tallying 22 points combined for the game. Their performances helped balance out the scoring and allowed the Heat to sustain despite their stars not giving their usual output. Going forward in this series, it will be interesting to see if these two can continue the hot shooting because they will continue to get good looks the way the Spurs are playing the Heat defensively.

dwight howard and chris paulWhile the Spurs and Heat are battling it out for the NBA title, the free agency position has begun. Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are the big fish of the free agency pool this offseason and most are wondering where they will land and if they will land somewhere together. Teams that have been mentioned for the twosome have been the Atlanta Hawks and the Dallas Mavericks. But now there is another team that is making their way into the conversation. The Houston Rockets have expressed interest in bringing Paul and Howard to Houston and pairing them with star guard James Harden. The combination of these three would be enough to put them in the title talk. If the Rockets are able to sign Paul, then they it will surely be the end of Jeremy Lin in Houston. The Rockets would either have to trade him or look to see if they could amnesty his contract. Either way, he would not be a good fit on this team with Paul there. The free agency period is quickly approaching and the anticipation is building up wondering where Paul and Howard will land. Stay tuned!

Finally, baseball may have been hit with its biggest PED scandal to date. Reportedly, the Miami, Florida Biogenesis lab may be responsible for asbud selig baseball many as 22 players being caught using illegal drugs. Names such as Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez have been mentioned as persons of interest and they all could be facing as much as a 100 game suspension. But this should not come as a surprise to anyone that watches baseball. This sport has had issues with steroids and PEDs since Mark McGuire and Jose Canseco played for the Oakland Athletics and it seems like this cycle is not coming to an end. Baseball will continue to go through these issues over and over again until they get some stricter testing. But honestly, I don’t think professional baseball really cares about stopping the drug usage. They seem to only care about the money and attention the big numbers bring. If they actually cared about the drug usage, they would not be so slow to make some change. Get it together baseball. Or continue to get passed by in the sports world.

These are my thoughts and these are my words. Until next time……

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The General Mike Patton is an up-and-coming writer from Nashville, TN who brings a fresh and non-biased opinion about sports. From his radio experience in Nashville to his time as a sports writer for Free's World, the website for radio personality and former cohost of BET's 106 and Park Free (, The General is definitely one you want to get to know in the sports world. You can catch his work on as well as here on My Mind On Sports . Mike grew up rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bulls and Chicago Cubs, and remains a passionate sports fan who expresses intelligent opinions.

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7 Thoughts to “General Thoughts”

  1. Iyisha

    PacMan is such an idiot! You’d think he’d have learned more self control by now.

    1. Mike Patton

      I understand the self-restraint, but where is the outrage for the behavior that was displayed here by the fans? That is not acceptable at all.

  2. my question about the Tebow signing is where does he play… He still is an inept QB and they have Ryan Mallett as a back up…

    Adam Jones is a victim of his own past, if this was any other athlete (outside of ocho) the cops would have been willing to hear him out.

    1. Mike Patton

      That is the $1 million question for everyone regarding Tebow Q. And in regards to Adam, his past has definitely hurt him here in terms of how he may be perceived, fairly or unfairly.

  3. I guessed Pacman has not learned his lesson yet. This guy gets chance after chance to stay in the league. Guys like Terrell Owens or Vince Young can’t even get a tryout smh.

    1. Mike Patton

      Not necessarily all Pacman’s fault here honestly. I don’t agree with his actions and he could have held his composure more in this situation, but I am not going to just down him like that over this situation. He has changed. And as far as Terrell Owens and Vince Young, TO is older now and has been known to blow up locker rooms and Vince may not get it, even though he seems to have matured since his departure from the NFL. Pacman hasn’t been a headache as much as Terrell Owens has been in locker rooms.

  4. dallah smith

    Good LookIng On The Great InformaTion Pacman Learn To Walk Away Dude To Much On The Line Wake Up U Dont HAve Anything To Prove Smh Tebow Start A ChurCh Please..BuT Tebow Foreal Just Get Better

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