King's Court 

King’s Court

Welcome back to the fourth installment of “King’s Court.” A lot has happened within the past week in the world of sports, and I have some good topics to discuss this week.  Court is now is session.

Congratulations Once Again, Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd

Last week I congratulated Jason Kidd on retiring from the NBA. This week I congratulate him on being named the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Kidd was retired just over a week and has already come out of retirement. I think this is a good hire for the Nets. He played 6 ½ seasons with the Nets and led them to consecutive NBA Finals appearances. He leads the franchise in a plethora of statistical categories. I think he will help point guard Deron Williams out tremendously. He will not only be his coach, but his mentor as well. Kidd is the fourth player who has retired and been a head coach the next season. Is he allowed to suit up as coach and sub himself in? I highly doubt that would happen, but it would be cool to see.

Tim Tebow Sings with New England

Just when you thought Tebowmania was over, it has made its way back due in large part to the New England Patriots. Tim Tebow and the Patriots agreed to a 2-year deal, with no guaranteed money involved. He could potentially earn $2 million in 2014 for plying-time incentives. Now let the speculation begin, what will be Tebow’s role with the Pats? He obviously won’t be the starting quarterback because of a guy named Tom Brady, who is pretty good. He is listed a quarterback, but I would not be surprised in the slightest if Bill Belichick has some tricks up his sleeve in terms of what to do with Tebow. I feel the best coaching mind in the NFL will know exactly how to utilize Tebow. It won’t be like his time with the New York Jets, who only wanted him for media attention, because the Patriots are good at limiting what their players say to the media. If you think this is going to be a circus, think again.

Dodgers vs Diamondbacks Ding, Ding!

Fighting out of the red corner, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Fighting out of the blue corner, the Los Angeles Dodgers. On Tuesday night the Diamondbacks and Dodgers were involved in two benches-clearing brawls to add fuel to their heated rivalry. It all started in the fifth inning when Dodgers’ pitcher Zack Greinke hit D’Backs’ outfielder Cody Ross. Arizona pitcher Ian Kennedy protected his teammate by going upstairs and hitting young sensation Yasiel Puig. The ball graced off Puig’s shoulder and hit him in the face, but he would stay in the game. Greinke responded by protecting his young outfielder by hitting catcher Miguel Montero in the back. The benches cleared, but nothing boiled over the top until the bottom of the inning.

Dodgers vs Diamondbacks

Kennedy again went upstairs, only this time it was to his opposition Greinke. The benches cleared once again and the brawl ensued. Various players, managers, and coaches were involved including Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly, hitting coach Mark McGwire, Diamondbacks’ manager Kirk Gibson and third base coach Matt Williams. Fines and suspensions are expected to be handed out. I am all for the unspoken rule of if you hit ours, we retaliate and hit one of yours, but not when you are throwing at someone’s head. That is too dangerous. If the MLB is serious about wanting to limit this and send a strong message, the suspensions should be multiple games, or in terms of the pitcher, multiple starts. I enjoy a benches-clearing brawl as much as the next guy, but not when people are getting thrown at their heads. It was also announced these two teams will kick off the 2014 season in Australia. This rivalry is far from over.

Winning Gets You Fired?

Lionel Hollins


What do George Karl, Lionel Hollins, Larry Drew, P.J. Carlesimo, Vinny Del Negro, and Jim Boylan all have in common? They all led their respective teams to the playoffs and all got fired after their teams bowed out in the playoffs. Usually losing gets you fired, but in the instances of these six coaches, they were fired for winning. That is odd to me. Karl was the NBA Coach of the Year, but lost in the first round. Hollins led the Memphis Grizzlies to the franchise’s first Western Conference Finals, only to lost to the San Antonio Spurs, who are now in the NBA Finals. Drew was fired by the Atlanta Hawks, but replaced Boylan as the Milwaukee Bucks Head Coach. Carlesimo did a tremendous job after replacing Avery Johnson, but was not brought back. Del Negro was a part of the circus that was the Los Angeles Clippers. A bunch of he said, she said. It’s not every day you see coaches fired for doing what they were hired to do, win games.

A Bizarre Day in Court

Well it seemed as if Chad Ochocinco, or Johnson, or whatever you want to call him was going to avoid jail time when he appeared in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida Courtroom Monday morning. Unfortunately for Johnson, he was unable to avoid jail time. He was in court for missing a meeting with his probation officer after he was arrested last year for head butting his wife. The judge originally added three months to his probation, community service, and counseling. She proceeded to ask him if he was happy with his lawyer, and Johnson described him as “awesome” and then gave him a harmless slap on his behind. It seemed harmless until the courtroom started laughing, angering the judge.

Chad Johnson

She asked if he thought this was funny, which he said no. She then sentenced him to 30 days in jail. She shouldn’t have given him any jail time after already adding on to his probation. She was grandstanding because she thought he was showing up her courtroom, when in reality he was relieved. He is a football player and slaps on the butt are normal. He simply thought he was doing no wrong, but the judge saw it differently. That’s a shame.

Gerrit Cole: Good as Advertised

Gerrit Cole

The Pittsburgh Pirates selected Gerrit Cole with the number one overall pick in the 2011 MLB draft. He is one of the guys who is supposed to help the Pirates turn their losing ways around. On Tuesday night, he made his MLB debut and was good as advertised. Cole went 6 1/3 innings giving up just two runs on seven hits against the reigning, defending World Series champions, San Francisco Giants. He had a run of shutting down 13 Giants’ hitters at one point in the game. He even helped himself out at the plate by hitting a two-run single in his first MLB at-bat. Neil Huntington made the right decision by calling up the young righty. The Pirates’ starting pitching needed a boost and this kid delivered that. If he can keep this up, the Pirates might just end their 20-year losing streak this season.

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