NBA Finals Game 1 Thoughts

As Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat was about to tip off, I was on a plane landing in Florida for a wedding this weekend. After getting our luggage, seeking medical attention for a gentleman that passed out(hope he is ok), and waiting on the shuttle, I made it to the room right on time for the second half. Here are a couple of thoughts what I saw, and one on scheduling weddings.

1. Not The Same: After the game, a lot of Heat “fans” were reminding people that the Heat lost Game 1 against Oklahoma City last year. That reminder was appreciated, but there are many differences between those two games, and Miami’s two opponents. That game last year was dominated by the Heat up until late in the third quarter, when OKC got into striking distance, then closed with a strong fourth quarter. The game last night was played in a pretty close scoring window all night, and the Spurs made the requisite plays down the stretch to close it out. OKC pulled out a tough win down the stretch at home in front of a raucous crowd. The Spurs did what they do last night on the road. Made plays, showed poise, and finished the Heat off late in the fourth. OKC was a team with tremendous talent, and potential to be great. They were also a team that had yet to pay their playoff dues. The Spurs dues are Eric B. and Rakim’s classic album,”Paid In Full”. Their credentials are well documented, and they played up to them in Game 1. So, all the Heat “fans” need to be careful when trying to dismiss this as the same as the loss in the 2012 Finals. This animal you are facing this year is a lot different than the one you faced last year.

2. Tony’s Award: The team here at gave our predictions for the Finals prior to the game yesterday. Five of us picked the Spurs to win, with four of us picking Tony Parker to win the Finals MVP. While Tim Duncan did more than enough last night to remind us he is going to make a lot of noise this series, Tony Parker may have had his signature moment last night. LeBron James described that play as “Everything right, and wrong in the same play”, and that was the perfect way to say it. It was the ultimate “NO, NO, NO….GREAT PLAY!!!” moment. On top of that play, he continued his play that keeps the Spurs offense humming. He has been the best point guard in the playoffs, and is looking like the guy who was in the regular season MVP discussion prior to an ankle injury. The Heat’s best option to defend him is LeBron, but that is something that you can only do in spots. So, the Heat will be at the mercy of the Frenchman for the next 5-6 games, and it will be fun to watch him do his thing.

3. Scheduling Conflict: This part of post is brought to you by “Sports Fans Against Missing Big Sporting Events For Your Wedding”. As founder of the aforementioned group, I understand that when you look to set up your wedding, you do not look at what sporting events are coming up. However, there are a few things that happen each year at the same time, and you should look to avoid for the sake of your guests. Super Bowl, March Madness, the NBA Finals, and conference play in college football season are events scheduled around the same time, and should be avoided. In the event they can not be avoided, please make sure that you have a setup that can accomodate your guests that are sports fans. Stop making fans like myself “that guy” who is looking at his phone the whole time because he is trying to get updates on the game. We would appreciate it immensely if you all begin to govern yourselves accordingly.

Well there are a couple of thoughts that I have on Game 1, and the one thought on wedding scheduling. I am looking forward to Game 2, and hoping that the reception venue has somewhere for me to watch it so I don’t have to be “that guy”. Feel free to comment here or hit me up on Twitter, and let me know what you think.

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2 Thoughts to “NBA Finals Game 1 Thoughts”

  1. Jason Braswell

    Great post Jimmy as always… yeah the play of TP has been sensational and I agree the best point guard in the playoffs and its not even close…

    1. Thank you Sir, I appreciate it. Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole are in for a long couple of weeks.

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