P.I.T.S League 

Nightly Recap: June 17th

Game 1

Rob & Jamar Mob vs Team Gas Too High

This game was as good as the pre-game match-ups indicated, Rob’s Mob coming into this game with no losses. Team Gas Too High started off like they planned to be the team that handed Rob’s Mob their first loss. Team Gas Too High certainly didn’t lack any firepower boasting a roster featuring Chris Wright, Boo Jackson, Austin Freeman to name a few. Boo Jackson paced them with 31 points, but they struggled as a team down the stretch offensively. Their late game execution was lacking, most of it had to do with the defense of Rob’s Mob. They decided that they weren’t going to allow Team Gas Too High to beat them by points in the paint, while the game was extremely close, most of the damage was done from the perimeter. Demarr Johnson and Baby Shaq led the way for Rob’s Mob, due to their size, they had a distinct advantage on the offensive end as well as the glass. DJ finished with 33 points as he routinely shot over the smaller defenders, Shaq provided a boost in stretches where DJ cooled off. Shots were fired in the Podium Game Feature, definitely a must watch! Rob’s Mob beat Team Gas Too High 87-82

Podium Game: Demarr Johnson, Baby Shaq


Game 2

Suburban Coalition vs Team Crazywear

Team Crazywear is a veteran team that thrives off balance on both ends of the floor, Suburban Coalition didn’t need to be as balanced as Folarin Campbell went off! Folarin got hot very early in the game, as  the game went on, he only seemed to get hotter. 35 points is what Folarin had when it was all said and done, he got much needed help from teammate Isaiah Swann. Team Crazywear went down, but there was a feeling that they would eventually make a run. A run they did make, Terrance Carter(27 points) got going and Team Crazywear climbed back into the game. It just wasn’t enough as Suburban Coalition won 91-87.

Podium Game: Folarin Campbell, Isaiah Swann



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