P.I.T.S League 

Nightly Recap: June 18th

Game 1

J.T. All Stars vs Hot Spaucho

A match up of size vs speed, Hot Spaucho had the distinct size advantage in this contest. It allowed them to be dominant on the glass and protect the rim, unfortunately it didn’t lead them to victory. Alex led the way up front for Hot Spaucho with 15 points, it was a bit disappointing that they stopped feeding him on offense when he clearly won his match-up. He displayed an array of postmoves and a few highlight plays above the rim, his front court partner Tariq had it going as well. J.T. All Stars won this game on perimeter, they started off very slow but they kept pushing the tempo. J Dub led the way with 34 points, Mr. Energy aka TY , left his impact all over the game as well. When J Dub wasn’t knocking down shots, TY was hitting the offensive boards, finishing the break, and attacking the basket with his cuts. The duo refused to let their team lose this game, JT All Stars defeated Hot Spaucho 87-81.

Podium Game: J Dub, TY


Game 2

Made Men vs Team P.I.T.S

No one would have guessed that this game would be close at the end after seeing how it started. Team P.I.T.S got off to a great start and never looked back, at one point the lead was touching 20 points. Well this is all about Made Men and the run that they made, a truly resilient team. Juice displayed his outstanding leadership when his team was down, he never yelled or showed them up. He kept his team upbeat, then he went out and led by example. His team followed his lead, they crawled back into the game and then started running. Jeff Allen tried to keep Team P.I.T.S ahead, but they turned the ball over far too often. Made Men closed the gap to single digits and never looked back! A timely three pointer from B-Man may have been the dagger, he hit a huge shot after struggling to start the season. B-Man considers himself a three point shooter and he’s had issues knocking them down. Juice showed great faith in his teammates by continuing to pass them the ball, Made Men overcame a huge deficit to beat Team P.I.T.S 71-68.

Podium Game: Juice, B-Man


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