P.I.T.S League 

Nightly Recap: June 24th

Game 1: Shooting Hoops vs Team Gas Too High

Team Gas Too High definitely had the Star Power, but the youngsters playing for Shooting Hoops weren’t scared of the challenge. Coach Johnson spoke about the inexperience of his team and how their effort would make up for the lack of experience after the game. The kids led wire to wire in this one, led by Ray Rondo and the outstanding perimeter defense of Jeremy Underwood, Shooting Hoops got a hard fought victory. As expected with a young team, they had several opportunities to put the game away but were unable to sustain the focus to do so. Fortunately, they had more than enough resolve to withstand several runs by Team Gas Too High and put the game away. It was a total team effort for Shooting Hoops as they held on to win 90-81, sometimes youthful exuberance is a deadly weapon. In this case, it definitely was!

Podium Game: Coach Johnson & several players from the Shooting Hoops Team


Game 2: Team Crazywear vs Team P.I.T.S

This was one heck of a match up, a heavyweight bout that started slow and finished with a fury!! Team P.I.T.S got out to an early lead, they were even able to stretch the lead to double digits. They stymied the offensive flow of Team Crazywear for 3 and a half quarters, they just couldn’t put them away. Rob Lowry led the attack for Team P.I.T.S, displaying an extremely tight handle he broke down the defense time and time again resulting in easy shots for teammates or layups for himself. One of the biggest beneficiaries of Lowry’s penetration was Marcus Ashton, Ahston routinely knocked down open shots and sometimes contested ones to finish with 24 points.Credit must be given to Team Crazywear as they refused to panic even while everything was going in Team P.I.T.S favor. That experience that was brought up in the early game this evening played a key role in this game, the trio of Terrance, Mike, and Curt kept their team steady even through the rockiest moments. Their offense is normally a sight to see, free flowing, lots of cutting, ball keeps moving amongst the five players on the floor until it results in a bucket. Team P.I.T.S bottled all of that movement up for most of the game, Mike hit a couple shots to close the third quarter strong. Team Crazywear then started to look for Curt(22 points) on the low block, with no double coming, Curt was able to win the one on one matchup with is man over and over. Po struggled with his shot but hit a big three late as well, Team P.I.T.S didn’t waver either. They wanted this win, they even appeared to win the game on an extremely late bucket by Marcus Ashton (72-71 in Team P.I.T.S favor). Unfortunately for Team P.I.T.S that left about six seconds on the clock, Team Crazywear inbounded the ball to Mike(14 points), who raced up court and put up a left handed floater over the outstretched arms of 2 defenders…it hit the bottom of the net and Team Crazywear walked away with a 1 point win!!

Podium Game: Curt, Mike


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