P.I.T.S League 

Nightly Recap: June 25th

Game 1

Hot Spaucho vs Rob’s Mob

Ra-Ra set the tone for Hot Spaucho in this game very early, he had an efficient evening shooting the basketball. Hot Spaucho got out to an early lead and never really looked back, Rob’s Mob was able to get back in the game at one point due to Baby Shaq. Shaq got it going after Demarr Johnson took himself out of the game, DJ wasn’t a big fan of the officiating. Shaq(19 points) started to do it all for Rob’s Mob, but it wasn’t nearly enough as Ra-Ra got more help from his teammates than Shaq got from his.  Ra-Ra is part of the deadly perimeter trio of Hot Spacho featuring Roach and Carl, his two wing-men struggled a bit but with Ra-Ra clicking on all cylinders it wasn’t an issue. Hot Spaucho beat Rob’s Mob 75-57 and Ra-Ra finished with 19 points.

Podium Game: Ra-Ra


Game 2

Suburban Coalition vs Shooting Hoops

The “kids” were at it again for Shooting Hoops, they started the game on a run and look to have full control early in this one. Antoine was doing what he does best…knocking down shots. His complete game was on display as he hit mid-range and long distance jumpers as well as attacking the basket to finish with 23 points. Unfortunately, they were playing a group of veterans who showed that they had been in that position before. Pat the Roc led the way by controlling the tempo, pushing the ball on the break, and finding his open shooters. Folarin Campbell is not somone that should be left alone behind the three-point line at all, due to Pat’s ability to break down the defense he found Folarin in rhythm several times for triples. Shooting Hoops has struggled to maintain leads this season, in other contests they were able to regain control of the game to hold on for the win. Suburban Coalition just kept coming at them until they were ahead by 10 points and were in position to hold on for the win. Suburban Coalition may have been the first team this seasoln to beat Shooting Hoops at their own game, pushing the tempo. Pat finished with 29 points to lead Suburban Coalition to a 98-88 victory over Shooting Hoops.

Podium Game: Pat the Roc


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