P.I.T.S League 

Nightly Recap: June 4th

Game 1

JT All Stars vs Suburban Coalition

This game was a Barn-Burner, went back and forth for two halves and an extra period! Suburban Coallition made big plays down the stretch to force the game into overtime. They were paced by Mr. Swann who finished with 20 points, unfortunately they didn’t have an answer for Ty Newman. Newman routinely lifted his team with his infectious energy and timely baskets. The guy didn’t seem to be phased by the extra period as he opened it by finishing a lob in transition. JT All Stars got their first win of the season by hanging to beat Suburban Coalition by just two points, 91-89.

Podium Game: Ty Newman

Game 2

Team Gas Too High vs Hot Spaucho 2.0

This game wasn’t very competitive for long, as  Team Gas Too High seized control and never looked back, Chris Wright(23 points) had a 4 point play. When things like that start happening, gives you an idea of what type of night it’s going to be. Credit Hot Spaucho for not mailing it in and continuing to play hard, they closed the gap but still fell short as Team Gas Too High won 79-64.

Podium Game: Chris Wright



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