P.I.T.S League 

Nightly Recap: June 6th

Game 1

Team P.I.T.S  vs Hot Spaucho

The backcourt duo of Roach & Carl were nothing short of stellar last night as they paced Hot Spaucho from the start. Team P.I.T.S made several runs to try and close the gap, every run they mad was answered by Hot Spaucho. Roach had the hot-hand early, often, and late in this contest. He finished with 19 points  while Carl did a good job of finding Roach and others on their way to victory. After a poor showing earlier this week, Hot Spaucho responded with a great effort by beating Team P.I.T.S 54-46.

Podium Game: Roach & Carl

Game 2

Rob’s Mob vs Team Gas Too High

Even though both teams were missing a few players(Chris Wright, Baby Shaq), this was still a star studded matchup featuring Mike Beasley, Bobby Maze, Boo Jackson, Pat the Roc. Rob’s Mob got out to a blistering start and never looked back. They did most of their damage in transition, running off misses and makes. The lead was up to 25 at one time, but Team Gas Too High never quit. In fact, they got stronger as the game went on and went on a massive run to cut the lead to 8 at one point. Rob’s Mob responded in time thanks to Pat the Roc with his 31 point effort, Boo Jackson had 42 points to lead Team Gas Too High. It wasn’t enough as Rob’s Mob hung on to win, 116-105.

Podium Game: Pat the Roc


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