Winners and losers in the Red Sox/Dodgers trade from last August


Last August, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox completed one of the most famous post trading deadline trades in history.

The Red Sox sent first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, left fielder Carl Crawford, right-hander Josh Beckett and infielder Nick Punto to the Dodgers in exchange for first baseman James Loney, infielder Ivan DeJesus Jr., outfielder/first baseman Jerry Sands, pitcher Rubby De La Rosa and pitching prospect Allen Webster. The Red Sox also sent 12 million dollars to the Dodgers to as well.

When the deal was made, you would’ve thought both teams benefited, but it looks like only the Red Sox have so far. Let’s look at the individual winners and losers in this trade.


Adrian Gonzalez: He has been one of the few bright spots for the Dodgers this season. Gonzalez is hitting .326 with seven homeruns and 41 RBIs. He looks a lot more comfortable being out of Boston and back in Southern California, where he was born and stared for the Padres for five seasons (2006-2010). The Dodgers organization hasn’t had a Mexican-American star since Fernando Valenzuela and Gonzalez is a good, classy face to have for the franchise.

Carl Crawford: When Crawford signed a 7-year, $142-million contract on December 8, 2010, the expectations were high for the former gold glove winner.  Crawford was never, healthy, happy or comfortable in Boston, but has since regained his all-star form in Los Angeles. The former four-time all-star is hitting .301 with five homeruns and has remained healthy this season. Something he often got criticized for in Boston. Just goes to show you that not everyone can handle the media and limelight playing in Boston.

Ben CheringtonNot only did Cherington get three huge contracts off the books, he also got two of the best pitching prospects the Dodgers had in Rubby De La Rosa and Allen Webster. In 2013, Webster was ranked as the fourth-best prospect in the Red Sox minor league system by De La Rosa is a Dominican that has a world of potential much like Webster. His fastball has been said to be as high as 99 mph and projects as a top of the rotation starter. Cherington looks like a genius because not only did he free up money for the Red Sox, he got two pitchers for the future as well.


Ned Colletti and the Dodgers Organization: If manager Don Mattingly is on the hot seat, it’s Colletti and the organization’s fault. They thought they could bring in big contract players and they would instantly be a contender for the World Series, but it’s been the complete opposite. The Dodgers have no chemistry, they can’t hit and are an even worst team than the San Diego Padres. Mattingly will be the fall guy for this, but Colletti should be shown the door as well. You can’t have a 220 million dollar payroll and expect to keep your job as a GM when your team is in last place.

Josh Beckett: To say Beckett’s Dodger career has been a disappointment would be an understatement. In 2013, he has an abysmal 0-5 record with a 5.91 ERA and there’s even possible retirement talk going around. He’s far removed from the two-time World Series Champion pitcher that he was  with the Marlins and Red Sox. He was a cancer in the Sox locker room after the chicken and beer incident and the Red Sox have a better locker room now that his gone.

Matt Kemp: Kemp was the guy in Los Angeles prior to all the deals the Dodgers did. Ever since, it seems like his confidence has been shot and he hasn’t swung the bat well. Kemp is hitting .251 this season with only two homeruns. Even Mattingly has seemingly lost confidence in the former MVP candidate.

The Red Sox are leading the AL East and have the second best record in the American League. They’ve clearly benefited from getting better clubhouse players in their locker room and getting rid of the players that didn’t want to be there.  A new manager in John Farrell hasn’t hurt either.

The Dodgers are in last place in the NL West and are one of the biggest disappointments in baseball. It’s a long season, but it looks like the win now trades by the Dodgers hasn’t and isn’t going to pay off.


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