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2013 Regular Season Awards

Monday’s Championship Game is rapidly approaching, it’s been a phenomenal  journey to get to this point. Rob’s Mob and Made Men worked hard to get an opportunity to compete for the 2013 Title. Today is not about them however, this is about looking back on the 2013 Regular season and the individuals that stood out. The 2013 Regular Season Award Winners have been decided;  after careful deliberating between the P.I.T.S League Brain Trust, here are the individuals who earned this year’s accolades.







Regular Season Champs – Man Men Key Wins: SC All Stars, Team PITS & United Empire

A team in every sense of the word, Made Men never had a player score 30 points anytime this season. They did everything as a unit, both defensively and offensively. Coach Small did a great job with this team, routinely navigating them through difficult situations and driving home team unity. An ego-less team that is committed to the same goal, none of their players ever stepped out outside of their roles. Depending on the night and the flow of the game, it was always a balanced effort on the offensive end and a laser-like focus on the defensive end.



Reg. Season MVP : Alex Harrington (Hot Spaucho 2.0) He led his team to a (5-2) record. Avg. – 15 PPG, 11 RPG & 4 BPG.

Mr. Harrington  was the mainstay on the defensive end for Hot Spaucho, always protecting the rim. As a  perimeter defender there’s not a better feeling than knowing you have a shot blocker behind you. It’s not just the defensive end that Alex Shines on, he gets most of his baskets by cleaning the offensive glass and finishing in transition. A player’s worth is often judged by the impact they have on a game, Alex Harrington’s ability to affect the game in multiple phases consistently made him the clear cut choice for MVP.






Jamar Board Scoring Award – Boo Jackson (#TeamGasTooHigh) Avg. 32 Ppg .. High Point Games: 42 vs J&R’s Mob, 41 vs Rampage & 40 vs Suburban Coalition..

Christian “Boo” Jackson started the season ablaze, over the course of the first four games he was averaging 40 points. While that unbelievable stretch was great to watch, it didn’t result in many wins for his team. As the season progressed, Boo showed that he had no issue scoring in bunches. Jackson is the first player to win the prestigious award.




IMG_9738Most Improved Player – Curtis Massey (Team Crazywear) was far more assertive this year while avg 15 PPG.

Mr. Massey has always been an important piece to Team Crazywear, prior to this season he’s played third fiddle to Terrance and Mike. This year Curt was far more assertive and really showed how versatile a game he has. The biggest difference was his willingness to set up shop in the post; when adding that to his ability to knock down perimeter jump shots, proficiency as a roll man in pick and rolls, he became a very difficult player to defend. Massey also made more plays on the defensive end by protecting the rim, rebounding, and getting his hands in the passing lanes. Great improvement this year by Curt, very deserving of this year’s award.




Defensive Player of the Year – John Kamara (Made Men) Key Wins: Team P.I.T.S, J.T. All Stars, Shooting Hoops

Think Tony Allen with a lot more of an offensive game, Mr. Kamara embodies the term “lock-down defender.” In a league filled with guards, he couldn’t take a night off.  Made Men takes pride on the defensive end of the floor as a unit, John takes the team to another level defensively. Kamara doesn’t just start games with a single assignment;  if any opposing player gets going, he is asked or even requests to guard said player. John Kamara stands out as “the” defensive stopper in this league, he deserves every bit of this accolade.




Sixth Man of the Year – Brendon Bazillo (Hot Spaucho 2.0) Played along side the MVP avg 11 PPG.

Brendon could have been a starter on any other team in the league, instead he became Hot Spaucho’s Super Sub. On a team full of guards, it would be hard to stand out. Not for Mr. Bazillo though, his game was unlike any of his teammates which made him a great change of pace substitution. Brendon plays at one speed and one speed only, 200 miles per hour plus. His presence on the floor took Hot Spaucho from a disciplined half court team to a dynamic force in transition. Bazillo accounted for dozens of highlight worthy layups throughout the season, it left many wondering what he could do if given more minutes.



Rookie of the Year – Ty Newman (J.T. All Stars) aka Wale first year in the league avg. 16 Ppg.

If Newman was a character in a video game, his energy bar would never get low! Ty injected J.T. All Stars with energy, heart, and passion. Do not get confused, Newman was much more than a player with great intangibles. Playing the role of Tonto to J Dub’s Lone Ranger, Ty produced without dominating the ball. He scored points in a multitude of ways; in transition, off cuts, isolations, and hitting the offensive boards. Newman had this type of impact as a wing,, if this was just the beginning, the P.I.T.S League may have stumbled upon one of it’s new stars.





Coach of The Year – Dante Roach (Hot Spaucho 2.0) Key Wins: Team Crazywear 61-51 & J&R’s Mob 75-57

Coach Roach did a great job managing his team’s identity this season, Hot Spaucho had two versatile big men surrounded by guards that could really fill it up. While that led to the guards feeling comfortable enough to shoot it early and often, they also got the ball inside to their bigs at times. Managing the line-ups was very tough, there were many guards that could contribute on their roster. He also had to manage their big men, at times they played side-by-side and at others they took turns on the floor being surrounded by perimeter players. It wasn’t all roses to start the season, the team got off to a very slow start before reeling off five straight victories. Hot Spaucho got better as the season went on and Coach Roach’s ability to adapt and manage had a lot to do with it.


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