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Cheat and You Will Get Caught

Defending his name and reputation for about two years now, Ryan Braun was finally caught in a lie. Braun was suspended Monday afternoon for the remainder of the season (65 games) for his use of PEDs.

He has lied to everyone. He lied to his family, friends, teammates, organization, and fans all over the world. He was once an ideal role model for children who looked up to him, but not anymore.

Why couldn’t he just admit this from the start? There was absolutely no reason for him to defend his name and reputation for as long as he did if he was lying? How long has he been juicing? Only he knows the answer to that question.

The 65-game suspension without pay is not a penalty that fits the crime. That is more like a slap on the wrist, not a punishment. His Milwaukee Brewers aren’t contending this year and currently sit in last place in the NL Central.

There needs to be a harsher penalty for Braun and anyone else connected in this Biogenesis scandal. If Major League Baseball is truly committed to getting rid of PED use, then there is only one solution: lifetime bans. This will be a sure fire way to get PEDs out of baseball once and for all. If players still can’t stop using PEDs, then see ya later.

Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder Skip Shumaker was one of many who were vocal on the subject and he thinks there should be a lifetime ban on Braun.

Baseball has come a long way since the steroid era, but still has a ways to go in order to fully eliminate them from the game. Braun will lose over $3.5 million for the remainder of the season, but won’t be hurt too bad financially as he is still owed over $100 million from the Brewers. That is not right. He should lose his chance to play in the MLB and the rest of his money that is owed to him.

Why did Braun now agree to this suspension deal? Was the evidence against him overwhelming? I guess that is what we will find out over the next few weeks. Will any other players be heading down the same path as Braun?

I was one who defended Braun after his technicality saved him from being suspended originally, but now I feel foolish as I’m sure many other supporters of his do. I feel that he should be gone from the MLB for life. He has embarrassed not only himself, but the MLB as well.

If the MLB is truly committed to getting rid of the PEDs, then there is no other choice than to ban the players who are caught juicing. That will send a loud wake-up-call to everyone in the league.

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