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General Thoughts

Another wild week in sports has culminated with the first suspension in the newest baseball scandal. Ryan Braun, who once denied vehemently that he used performance-enhancing drugs, now has come clean. But of course, he came clean with a price. Braun was suspended for the rest of the baseball season without pay for his actions involving PEDs and he is very lucky that he got only that. He still has his guaranteed money coming to him from the Brewers that should take care of him for the rest of his life. But what happens to the Brewers now? They are basically dished out big money for a man who used PEDs to get paid. There is no telling whether he will be the same player that the team paid for when he returns in 2014. The Brewers could essentially could be paying for an average player instead of a star after this is over. Honestly, Braun better thank his lucky stars that he isn’t the highest profile guy involved in this matter. Alex Rodriguez may have saved him from a worse punishment.

Speaking of Alex Rodriguez, he was supposedly done with the performance-enhancing drugs after the most recent brush up. He started talking about the importance of doing things the right way and apologized for the indiscretions in his career. Well, that was all a lie apparently. Alex Rodriguez words ring hollow because he is now up for another suspension and this one could be for the rest of his lifetime. He deliberately lied to all of us, tried to make us a believer in him again and then spat back in all of our faces. And in this investigation, it is rumored that he even misled reporters on purpose to cover his tracks. For all this, the Yankees should get to sue him for all the money they paid him and all his statistics should be erased. The time has come for Major League Baseball to make an example of someone and A-Rod is going to be that guy. Major League Baseball needs to take some blame and that will come, but this one is squarely on Rodriguez.

m cubanAfter the Mavericks’ first championship, Mark Cuban had a plan. Instead of bringing back the pieces that won the championship, Cuban began to clear cap space in hopes of bringing stars to Dallas to play with Dirk. Well, after two years striking out with Deron Williams and Dwight Howard, the Mavs finally got someone. His name is Monta Ellis. Doesn’t seem that exciting to you does it? Well, you’re not the only one with that feeling. Cuban basically struck out twice to sign a guy that is not the superstar he wanted. And to top that off, Dallas is not even a championship-caliber team with his addition. Cuban gambled and he rolled snake eyes and now the Mavericks franchise enters the last year of Dirk’s contract looking like a subpar team in the making. Maybe Cuban should have had a better plan than this one because it has truly blown up in his face and taken the Mavericks back to mediocrity.

The free agency period is winding down in the NBA and one big man is out there that everyone is interested in. Center Greg Oden was  once picked over Kevin Durant as the #1 overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft by the Portland Trailblazers. What looked like a hard decision ended up being a bad one for the Trailblazers as Oden suffered injury after injury while Durant became a superstar in the NBA. Oden’s multiple knee injuries eventually forced him out of the game and into a long rehab process. After some extensive rehab, Oden is back and ready to roll. And he has some possible suitors in Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. He reportedly met with Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra recently and it seems that the Heat have the inside track for his services. But with Oden comes some caution. He still has not made it through a whole season because of knee injuries. The wise choice for anyone trying to sign him is to pay him the veteran minimum so that you don’t lose much if he is not able to stay healthy. Good luck to Greg Oden on his return to the game. Hopefully this time he can stay healthy.

Finally, college football is about to get cranked up again and all the talk has been about Texas A&M Johnny Manziel. The Heisman winner johnny footballfrom last season has been in the news for all the wrong reason recently. He was sent home early from the Manning Passing Academy, but the reason seems to be unclear. Manziel has said he was dehydrated and other reports have said that he had a late night and reportedly was hungover. The story still isn’t clear as to what he did, but he has reached the point to where he has to lie low. Johnny Football is a talented player. There is no doubt about what he can do on the field. But if he doesn’t get it together off the field, he may not be the celebrity he is for much longer. The time has come to focus on football and leave the celebrity status to someone else. If he doesn’t, he could have a huge fall from grace and that could be really ugly for him. We will see if he gets it together or not. Hopefully he realizes the opportunities he has ahead of him and doesn’t throw it all away.

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