How Should the Redskins Handle RGIII?

The Washington Redskins made a lot of noise a season ago winning the NFC East behind the legs of rookie quarterback sensation, Robert Griffin the Third. RGIII had a great rookie season before suffering a gruesome ACL and LCL tear in the playoffs. The injury was surrounded by a ton of controversy as many questioned both Griffin and his Head Coach, Mike Shanahan.

The injury happened in January and Griffin has been cleared to begin practicing, mind you it is July. That is a six month recovery period, on an injury that takes 6-9 months to recover from. The amount of hard work, dedication, and rehabilitation RGIII endured shows his willingness to playing.

There are still many questions to be answered going forward. For one, will Griffin be able to play week one? Signs point to yes, as long as he has no setbacks. How will he perform? He could either continue to grow as a quarterback and sustain his success, or he could fall a bit behind due to his knee. Some will question whether or not he should play in week one. That decision is entirely up to Griffin, his knee, the coaching staff, team doctors, and the organization as a whole.

Arguably the biggest question is whether or not Griffin and Shanahan can get along for the entire season. If Griffin’s knee is a bit bothered, will Shanahan pull him in order to preserve his franchise quarterback or will he let Griffin decide again? If the two can coexist and Griffin’s health is good, this team has potential to making a deep playoff run. If wide receiver Pierre Garcon can remain healthy, the Redskins can be even more lethal.

If you were in charge of the Washington Redskins, how would you handle the situation at hand?

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