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The 2013 P.I.T.S Season Playoffs is here, who’s going to take home the trophy? The last week in the regular season has passed, the dance officially begins Monday Night at Kettering-Largo Recreation Center. Here’s the schedule:1017686_487198254702050_1141046392_n











Made Men finished the regular season with the best record not only in the West Division but in the entire league at 5-1. Here’s how the rest of the teams finished the season:


1.Hot Spaucho (5-2)

2. Rob’s Mob (4-3)

3. Rampage (2-5)

4. Shooting Hoops (2-4)

5. TeamGasTooHigh (2-4)


1.Made Men (5-1)

2. J.T. All Stars (4-3)

3.Team Crazywear (4-3)

4. Suburban Coalition (4-3)

5.Team P.I.T.S (1-5)


The Seeding for the Playoffs are indicative of where the teams finished in the Regular Season Standings,  the top two seeds have byes. Made Men(1) and Hot Spaucho(2) will not play their first playoff game until Wednesday, the perks of having a good regular season. Monday’s Opening Round Games feature a matchup between Rampage and Team Gas Too High in Game One followed by Team P.I.T.S versus Shooting Hoops in Game Two. Here’s a complete look at the Playoff Schedule:

Now that the schedule has been shared, let’s take a closer look at the 10 Playoff Teams. Here’s the scouting report from the My Mind on Sports Team:

Made Men (1 Seed)

– A veteran team that is both capable and comfortable playing in any style of game. They are a well coached bunch with a great leader on the floor in Juice. They are one of the few teams in the league with a true offensive presence in the post, Germ does a great job getting position and working the offensive glass. They are a very good defensive team, none of their players step outside of their roles which gives them great team chemistry.

Hot Spaucho (2 Seed)

-This team is powered by their perimeter play, their trio of guards are a handful for any defense. Roach runs the show as a scoring point guard that also gets his teammates involved. Carl and Ra-Ra complement him very well, Carl is more of a slasher but has the ability to knock down open jumpers. Ra-Ra is a knockdown shooter that can put the ball on the floor and attack the basket if need be, they also have two versatile bigs in Tariq and Alex that can run the floor and finish above the rim. The are a bit underused on the offensive end, when the peremiter trio is on fire and they keep the bigs involved this is a very tough team to beat.

J.T. All Stars (3 Seed)

-JDub is one of the highest scorers in the league, he definitely isn’t shy about letting it fly. This is a team full of wings, there isn’t a “true” point guard most nights yet they don’t suffer because of that. They also have one of the most underrated players in the league in Ty, who has a very well rounded game and provides his team with a tire-less work ethic. What will be key for this team’s success is the production of the supporting cast, that will determine how deep they go in the Playoffs.

Team Crazywear (4 Seed)

-The Big 3 have been talking about this time of year from the first game of the season, the Big 3 for Crazywear consists of Terrance, Mike, and Curt. These guys are the leaders of this team and the team will go only as far as they lead them. Mike runs the show and can carry the load offensively if need be, Curt is one of the most complete bigs in the league. He can stretch the floor and hit the open three, put the ball on the floor, as well as dominate in the post. They are surrounded by good pieces and have a decent bench to boot, the barometer for this team is Terrance. He is one of the most versatitle wings in the league Even when he’s not fully engaged he’s able to fill up the box score, but his team needs him to be assertive. They didn’t finish the regular season as strong as they would have liked but the new season starts Monday and they have a good chance to walk away on top.

Suburban Coalition (5 Seed)

-Howard’s Group doesn’t have a “set” line-up, they are an extremely talented group of players. Pat the Roc uses his unique handle to set up teammates, push the tempo, and score the basketball in transition. He has been joined by two sharp shooting wings in Folarin Campbell and Chris Matthews several times this season. They haven’t been blessed with a good big many times this season, that may be their only area of weakness as they have more than enough fire power on the peremiter. Suburban Coalition is not your typical five seed and shouldn’t be treated as such, their postseason success hinges on who is on the floor for them.

Jamar & Rob’s Mob (6 Seed)

-Talent isn’t an issue for this group at all, they are “loaded” to say the least. Demarr Johnson, Baby Shaq, Bobby Maze, White Chocolate, and Rick combine to form a very dangerious squad. There have been several instances this season where every member was not present and it resulted in .500 level basketball, they had very high expectations at the start of the season. They have had stretches this year where they were unable to keep focused, much of their issues have stemmed from the officiationg. Conversely, there have been instances where they showed they were one of the best teams in the league. It truly depends on which team shows up, if they are focused they will be a team to be reckoned with.

Shooting Hoops (7 Seed)

-Coach Johnson has the youngest team in the league by far, they have truly been run through the gamut this season. They have a dynamic backcourt in Ray Rondo and Antoine, Ray does  a great job breaking down the defense to facilitate the offense. Antoine is one of the main beneficiaries of Ray’s penetration, the term knockdown shooter may be an understatment in this case. Their supporting cast is comprised of a collection of versatile players that are not scared of anything. They have acquired some seasoning over the course of the regular season, what lessons they learned will be on display this postseason. They are at their best when they’re running, after misses or makes it is just who they are. Transition offense is always a highlight in the making with the way they run the floor, they are a bit limited in their half court offense. If they wish to make a run this postseason, they have to stick to their identity and run, run, run. Lastly, Ray Rondo has to be assertive. His first inclination is to run the offense and distribute the ball, what can unlock this team’s potential is the ability to make the opposing defense be honest by looking for his own shot as well.

Team Gas To High (8 Seed)

-Engaged, that is the work best used to escribe this team. When they are engaged, they are one of the most talented teams in the entire league. The issue is that they are rarely engaged on a consistent basis, it has been a key in everyone of their losses this season. In terms of talent, they definitely have more than enough although due to Professional obligations several key members may be missing. When healthy they feature a bevy of scorers in Boo Jackson, Chris Wright, Austin Freeman, and Devin Sweetney. If this team can stay engaged for all four quarters in a game, they may be a very dangerous Eight Seed.

Rampage (9 Seed)

-Corey Allmond sets the tone for this team, they often go as he does. Early in the season they came up short in games because the “team” wasn’t scoring to complement Corey. As the season progressed, Corey started games off by getting teammates involved early and closing games late for them. Second in the league in scoring, Corey averages 30.6 points per game. Through his change in philosophies, the team found out they have a very underrated player in their point guard. Leon is able to run the team as well as be a great complementary scorer for Corey and it gives the team a great 1-2 punch. They will really need to buckle down and rebounds as they are a smaller team, but it never hurts having one of the best scorers in the league on your team.

Team P.I.T.S (10 Seed)

-Isiah Tate put up a league high 58 points for Team P.I.T.S in their regular season finale. Team P.I.T.S hasn’t had a truly consistent line-up  for most of the season, a few players are mainstays but the supporting cast often rotates. If they can lock in Mr. Tate for the entire playoffs that would certainly help, this isn’t a team totally void of talent. It’s truly a chemistry issue, they need a sense of continuity to truly bond and succeed. Even though they are the tenth seed, there is no reason to count any team out in this league. Championships are seldom won on paper.


Who do you think will be holding the 2013 P.I.T.S League Trophy when it’s all said and done??

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