The Beauty of Seeing a Game Live

Each and every single day that there is a Major League Baseball game, fans are at the stadium. Some days and nights will be jam-packed, while others will have a plethora of empty seats. Whichever way you look at it, there is nothing quite like seeing a baseball game live.

Much like watching a game on television, you never know what you will see at a game you are in attendance for. There are a ton of unpredictable moments that occur during the course of a game. For instance, you have the opportunity to witness history, such as a no-hitter or a perfect game. Either event is are rare to see in person, but there is always a chance of happening with the admission to a game.

The atmosphere of a ballpark can be excellent, especially if you are watching a winning team. Teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox usually have no problem selling out a game, due to their winning ways. However, teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates (who have not had a winning season in 20 years)do not have the good fortune of selling out games.

When low payroll teams start to improve, it makes fans want to see them in action. The Pirates  are a great example; Pittsburgh has had success in spurts during the past two seasons, but have yet to sustain that success the whole season. This year the team is in the same boat, but things are different, the pitching as good as it’s been in years this season. This past Monday, the Pirates opened up a five-game series against St. Louis Cardinals, a division foe. The place was jam-packed and full of excitement as the PNC Park faithful saw a 9-2 Pirates victory.

The first time experience of a baseball game can be life changing on several different levels. It could open up a whole new world for people and possibly even a passion. There are chances to catch home runs, foul balls, ground-rule doubles, and balls that players throw into the stands in between innings. That could make a kid’s day or live even, if that were to happen. There is also the chance you could interact with players from both the home and visiting teams, especially if you go early for batting practice or have seats close enough to the field to interact.

While there are people who have a burning passion for baseball, others claim it is boring even when seeing games live. The people with the passion will continue to go to games, some fans even take a scorecard to the games so they can follow the action and record the stats. The people who claim it is boring either miss the commentary from the television or radio or they just aren’t that into baseball.

Fans will continue to fill stadiums around the league for years to come. There will be teams who’s stadiums are filled night after night, while others will struggle to attract fans consistently. That being said, there are few experiences in life like taking in a Major League baseball game live in person.

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