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King’s Court

Welcome back to another edition of King’s Court right here on The sports week has once again flew past us and it did not leave without some interesting stories. Alex Rodriguez still isn’t suspended, but he likely will be. There have been a plethora of walk-off hits in the MLB since Sunday, 15 in total. NFL training camps are beginning to get into the swing of things, but not without controversy. There is about a month until the start of college football season and much more going on. Court is now in session.

Riley Cooper’s Racial Slur

Riley Cooper

Riley Cooper made a big splash this week at Eagles’ training camp, but not in the good way. Cooper was caught on video at a Kenny Chesney concert using a racial slur, something that did not sit well with a lot of people. The comment was ignorant and stupid which brought bad publicity to Cooper, the Eagles, and the NFL. He was fined by the Eagles, but not the league due to CBA agreements, which is total nonsense. PTI’s Michael Wilbon spoke out against Commissioner Goodell for the lack of punishment. Cooper was sent home Friday by the team in order to seek counseling. Something tells me he won’t be with Philadelphia much longer and rightfully so. He has lost respect from inside his own locker room, including running back LeSean McCoy. Cooper may have just ruined his entire career for his racial slur.

Alabama No. 1 in Preseason Coaches Polls

Nick Saban

The Alabama Crimson Tide once again sits atop the polls heading into college football season. After defeating Notre Dame for the national title, the team from Tuscaloosa looks to repeat as champions. It is never easy to repeat; but if any team can, it will be the one led by Nick Saban. Alabama is one of five SEC teams in the Top 10 and one of six in the tTop 25. Alabama returns 12 starters to their squad, which can only help their efforts to repeat. Teams like Ohio State (2nd) and Georgia (5th) will look to make some noise this season and dethrone the Crimson Tide, but it will not be easy. September 14th will be a big day for Alabama as the team travels to College Station for a date with the reigning, defending Heisman Trophy Award winner, Johnny Manziel.

MLB Umpires Need Disciplined


My fellow MMOS colleague, Chuckie Maggio, recently wrote about the blown call from Jerry Meals in the Boston Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays game from earlier this week. I’m going to further a little bit of what Chuckie said, with my own perspective on it. I understand that people make mistakes, but sometimes it is the most obvious calls that are blown. Meals has blown a couple of calls over the past three seasons, one of which was the catalyst of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ collapse. I am all for replay in baseball, but that is not what this is about. I feel that if an umpire makes a call that he clearly missed, he should be disciplined for it. Start off with a fine of whatever amount you want, then the second time that umpire should be suspended for a series, and if it keeps happening, increase the suspension. If players are subject to ejections when they argue with umpires over blown calls, then the umpires should be held accountable as well. Jerry Meals isn’t the only one who has missed an obvious call and he certainly won’t be the last.

Is Albert Pujols’ Contract Bad?

Albert Pujols made the decision to leave the St. Louis Cardinals and join the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for more money. The contract he signed was a 10-year deal worth $254 million. Pujols has recently been put on the disabled list for a nagging foot injury and his return to the Angels’ lineup is up in the air for the remainder of the season. People have been asking whether or not this is one of sports worst contracts, but I don’t see how that can be a fair question. In today’s society, we live in a win now world. Whenever these max contracts are handed out, people want instant results. That is not always the case. Is Pujols’ contract one of the worst in sports? We cannot determine that yet after only a year and a half. In the next five years, if Pujols isn’t progressing or getting back to his usual 30 home run, 100 RBI self, then we can determine if the contract is bad. Until then, let’s see how things work out for Pujols and the Angels.

Thank you once again for reading what I have to say in regards to the world of sports. I appreciate it more than you could ever know.

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