The Spotlight is on Johnny Football

Johnny Manziel is in the news every single day in one way or another. He is the first freshman in the history of college football to win the Heisman Trophy. Manziel is a star on the football field, but what people question about him is his maturity off the field.

The 20-year old Manziel is just that, 20 years old.  However, once the Heisman was won he received a whole lot more attention due to how prestigious the award is. Whether or not that is fair or not is a completely different discussion, but it is what it is.

Manziel is a 20-year old kid who likes to have a good time, partying with others. Most 20-year olds like to have a good time with their friends by partying on the weekends. That is all fine unless you get careless with it and let it get the best of you. There are numerous things that could happen at a party that could land an athlete in hot water. As a member of the Texas A&M football team and reigning, defending Heisman winner, Manziel has even more opportunity to slip up. Some people could want to start a fight with him or take pictures of him doing things he shouldn’t be doing and blasting them on social networks. A plethora of things could happen at any time. If Manziel wants to be a star on the collegiate level before eventually going to the National Football League he has to learn from his mistakes and better himself. Twenty year olds will make their fare share of mistakes and Manziel is no different, but the attention will be on him a lot more than a normal 20-year old.

The latest set of rumors and reports about Manziel is that he allegedly was profiting from signing memorabilia in Miami, when he was down there for the BCS National Championship game. If he is found to have profited from these autographs, it could jeopardize his eligibility for this upcoming season. Rules are rules and if the NCAA sees that Manziel profited from signed memorabilia, they will crack down on him and make an example out of him. Should these athletes be able to sign autographs and gain some sort of profit? The collegiate athletes are responsible for a lot of the NCAA’s revenue, so shouldn’t they be able to obtain money somehow? What’s the difference if a kid like Johnny Football has a rich family and gets money from them than a player getting money from someone else that isn’t family? Isn’t that similar?

Either way you look at it, Johnny Manziel is in the spotlight a lot. Whether or not he can show he can handle it with dignity is up to him. Hopefully he can succeed on and off the field and avoid trouble.

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